Why did you choose your parents?

Krystle: I wholeheartedly believe I chose my parents and life-path before birth.

I remember being with another soul. We both knew we’d be females in this lifetime. We had to decide who got which set of two parents presented to us:

1. One path would be born into a loving, wealthy African American family.

2. The other path was birth into a poor white, broken family

I chose the second option because my soul needed the challenge of overcoming hardships.

I guess my previous lives had been “too easy”!?

My soul is content with the challenges I’ve faced in this lifetime. Although growing up with drug and alcohol addicted parents, overcoming poverty, and battling financial hardships have been hard lessons. Yet I feel like it’s been worth it.

Fun fact. The other soul that was with me and chose the wealthy African American is a female athlete in this lifetime. I can feel it.

Dylan: I remember looking down on earth and seeing choices for my upcoming life.

I was scanning thru a portal at a woman giving birth to a baby.

A strong higher being asked me with a feeling of disappointment, “Have you made your choice?”

I felt rushed to come back and do things right. I saw my parents gaze at each other, looking strong, beautiful, and happy. I looked no further and picked them.

I feel like I chose almost at random compared to how much time I had to choose.

I remember nothing before choosing my parents. My next memories start after I am about 4 years old.

Paul: I am 48 years old. I was happy to find a site for this specific topic and more.

I remember having a choice of whom I wanted to be my father before entering this world. I got to choose from three different men.

As soon as I could talk, I told my father about this vivid experience.

At first, he thought I was pulling his leg, but as time went on we continued to talk this over. As Dad got older, his views changed and became more open-minded.

I shared this with close friends only. Without a doubt, this has been imprinted in my memory.

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