Can you tell when your baby’s soul enters the womb?

unborn memoriesCan pregnant mothers be so “in-tune” with their bodies that they know the moment their baby is ensouled in the womb?

Can they receive clear guidance from the incoming child throughout pregnancy via dreams, visions, and non-linear conversations?

Here is an excerpt of our Cosmic Cradle interview with a mother who knew her three children before they were born.

She noticed how they acted exactly the way they felt to her while they were in her womb:

G.B.: “Did I experience when the soul come in? Absolutely, absolutely.

With my first baby, I was in pretty dire straits. I was not very happy and abusing substances and moved into a spiritual community in Tucson right when according to the Sikh scriptures the soul enters the body– 120 days–which is usually the time when a woman starts feeling movement.

I moved in within a week of that time. I felt it was my daughter’s soul that brought me there, that took me to a safe refuge.

“With my second baby, my husband and I came home one night after dinner, and I could feel someone else’s presence in the house. I knew someone was there. I could sense it.

“In my first 2 pregnancies with my daughters, I reflected their energies when I was pregnant with them. The energy was feminine. I wore flowers and white silk clothing. Their nature effected how I felt.

“My third baby, without a doubt, was the most obvious when he came into the womb.

My teenage son is so athletic and dynamic. He has enough energy for ten people. He is constantly moving and making and doing.

During the pregnancy, he permeated my whole being. I was propelled by his energy. I taught seventeen yoga classes every week until two weeks before his birth. I was totally motivated by his physicality. I was attracted to masculine things.

I wore plain, male clothing and sandalwood oil as a perfume. I went out of my way to drive over a bridge that was being paved because I liked the feel of gravel underneath the car. I felt like a ten-year-old boy riding my bike over gravel.”

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