Was your birth a conscious choice?

The soul’s journey to find its true nature is the quest of human life.

Throughout the ages, philosophers such as Socrates argued: “We have clear evidence that the soul is immortal.”
Today, the same message is coming from rare people with prebirth memories. Their memories validate the immortality of the soul.

Here are a few examples of prebirth memories:

Candis: I remember my prebirth experience. I remember before I was here. I was in another place. My job as a being was to tend to the people on earth as though I was tending to a flock.

There came a point when I was told, “You must go to earth and inhabit a body!”

I said, “I don’t want to go to earth. I have seen what is going on there and I do not want to be a part of it!”

“Don’t worry. One day you will return home.”

The next thing I knew I was inside of my mother. I felt very apprehensive. The voice said, “Whenever you are afraid, remember this sound (my mother’s heart beat). It is a reminder that you will return home and all is well.”

My mother later informed me, “When you were born, you came shooting out without any assistance from me or anyone else. I caught you by your cord and lowered you to the floor from my hospital bed so that you would not get hurt.”

When I was 2, I recall sitting on the back steps of my neighbor’s house crying and begging, “I want to go home now!”

The voice said, “You are in the world, but you are not of this world. I will seal you so that nothing that happens in this world will ever touch you and you will return to me.”

I barely spoke after that. I became like wall paper in my own life. I was a part of it, but no one really saw me.

I have always had an insight into the future from early childhood. People were drawn to me and often said that a light surrounds me. In my late teens, people described the light as thick like molasses and when you came close it would consume you.

One day when I was in my teens, I quit college, quit my job, cut off all of my hair, and committed my life to becoming a missionary. My mission was to spread a simple message, “God is Love.”

I could not understand why everyone did not understand that we are here to spread love. That time was the best and scariest time of my life. I had become so in tuned with my purpose that people sought me out and a whole lot of strange things occurred that frightened me.

One of the strangest things is that people wanted to touch me believing the light around me would transfer to them. People followed me seeking prayers, healing, and answers to distressing life questions.

By my early twenties, this became overwhelming. I was bombarded everywhere I went. Eventually I began to hide because it was too much. I tried to stop my visions and spoke less and less about things I knew and understood about the world. Because of this my dream life became more vivid and left me disoriented. Unable to distinguish from the dream and this reality.

I had many near death experiences where I would have a vision of my deceased grandmother. One time she told me, “You cannot leave due to the situation you are experiencing. The repercussions would be too far reaching.”

After I had my first two children, I had visions of walking through a wooded area to a river where I met women who had gone on before me and were waiting for me. I sat with them and they imparted wisdom about the world and the hereafter. I carried this wisdom into my waking life.

A few years ago I stopped hiding and now work within my purpose. I create art that encourages people to look deeper into themselves and this life. It has become commonplace that when I showcase my work at various art events, I end up embracing someone who is crying because they have received a revelation about their way forward through my work and our conversation. The response has been a bit odd but I am enjoying every minute of it.

It has been easy and extremely hard living this life while simultaneously remembering and interacting with my other life. It’s like I live in two worlds. Each of them are real. In one, I am limitless. In the other, I am confined to a vessel designed to protect my essence.

Bev: My soul journey began at Source. I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light. I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star.

I clearly remember stars whizzing by, but there was no sensation of movement as we know it as humans. There was no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat. You just were. . . . pure energy . . . surrounded by comfort and ease. . . . wonderful. I haven’t a clue as to “when” that was. There was no time associated with that because there was no space. Space did not mean anything. You just were.

Diane: All my life I’ve remembered having an important conversation before I was born. I asked my mom about it as soon as I could talk. Mom didn’t know what I was talking about.

I can’t remember what the conversation involved, but I know it was important [“soul contract”]. I’ve spent my whole life trying to remember. I’m still hoping one day it will come to me.

Sonia: I remember before my birth. Like only a few minutes before my birth. I felt like I was floating in this huge expanse wrapped up in complete and utter love and peace. I haven’t felt that again but one more time since being here.

The voice next to me said, “It’s your time.” I felt extremely excited. I was so ready.

I remember small bits of my young childhood. I remember seeing my mom getting the stroller out to walk and I felt so excited because I loved that.

It took years to use my voice to talk (sometimes I still forget). I assume people know what I am thinking and my sentences don’t make sense because I only partially spoke what I want to say. I remember knowing the thoughts of others and when we didn’t need to verbalize. So much easier.

I remember floating to play with other children. So much fun. It all stopped after I was 3.

We are born with a knowing and using intuition as our guide. I don’t hear voices or have help from beyond. It is up to me, but I always knew that God existed and I knew I loved him.