Unconditional Love From a Baby

"When I got pregnant with my third child, I was angry!"

“When I got pregnant with my third child, I was angry. ‘Why, why?’ I asked!!!!

“I love all of my four children. I believe they all asked to be with me. It was all meant to be. But my son Ivan was the one that I didn’t want.

“When I got pregnant with Ivan, I was so angry. I wanted to get an abortion. It’s terrible to say, but I was going through a very difficult, chaotic time with my two older girls. I was not happy.

“Now I realize that Ivan is the best thing that ever happened to me! He was meant to be born.

“Now I understand. He has been such wonderful help for me. I was going through difficult times.

“It was Ivan who helped me. He loves me so unconditionally.

“Ivan, he is always so nice and positive about everything. If I get angry, he hugs me and makes me feel better. If I yell at him, he will kiss me and say, ‘I love you, Mom.’

“That’s all I need. He always makes me happy. He brings love and serenity to me. Comfort. I’m going to be okay!

“After I read about children choosing parents before birth, I realized Ivan chose me to help through my sad periods:

‘That’s why I got pregnant!!!! It was for me!’

I see my son Ivan, meaning ‘Gift from God,’ as a Light!! He is here to heal me. That is part of his job on earth!”

Did Ivan pick his mother – or did she pick him? This a big question in pre-birth research. There is not a simple answer. There may be varying degrees of ability to choose certain parts of our life before we are born.

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