There is life before birth and after death.

Kathy: “My prebirth memory is strong.

I remember it flawlessly.

This memory is the one comfort that I can come back to. It is a gift from God. I may get frustrated and upset when I see the horrors mankind is capable of, or I may feel grief at the loss of fourteen family members and loved ones in the last two years, yet this powerful memory has given me peace and insights into the mysteries of life.

I know that there is life before birth and after death. Death is like an awakening from a dream. I have no fear of death and this allows me to live more freely.

My memory is more real than anything else and has shaped me into who I am. Explaining it is another story.

How can one explain something that has no comparison in this world? My very first memory is of being in space above earth. I was a soul without a body. I was part of the All That Is, yet I was still uniquely me.

In this state, there was a peace that does not exist on planet Earth. I felt the presence of my heart and my mind, those things that make me me. I could see, with my mind’s eye, 360 degrees around me at once. I enjoyed calm like I have never felt since.

I was connected to everything and everything was a part of me. I could pinpoint where there was pain and where there was joy. If there was sadness, I would know it. Joy, I would know that too. I just needed to put my attention on something and all the information learned by the “Whole” would be mine. I knew it could be as complicated or as simple as I chose to make it. I thought, “Simple is better.”

Suddenly, I began to come together, as if every cell in my body came from every direction, from the deep reaches of space, racing toward my being, creating a tingling sensation like billions of tiny bubbles coming together.

Prior to this, I was not in a position to physically feel. My hands now pressed against my thighs, and I felt my skin. I felt constricted in this form. I could no longer see all around me, although my heart and mind and soul were still connected to everything else. I assured myself, “It’s okay. This is just a different form of being.”

As I floated there, I looked down at this stunning planet, a beautiful gem in the universe. The brightness of the blue against that inky blackness of space was incredible. Even with similar planets in the universe, Earth was a prime piece of real estate.

I wanted to take the planet into my arms and take care of all humanity. I also wanted to protect it because it seemed so fragile.

Then pretty quickly, I began to experience dread because I knew where I was going. It was not going to be easy. At any rate, I volunteered: something I have cussed myself for during moments of frustration.

I knew that dying would be like this feeling, and I have yet to fear death. We are all here to learn and grow. I had agreed to come to this planet. I had a sense of purpose and duty. As if finally accepting what I had come to do, I began very gently to descend, back first, toward this beautiful blue planet. …

Steppen: I remember looking down at an image of earth. This memory surfaced 10 years ago. I have no idea where it came from, but the visuals have a familiar feel to them. I’ve only told one person because I thought maybe my mind was making it up.
I didn’t want to come here. I feared that I would never “wake up” or remember who I truly was because of all the illusions collected over my lifetime.

I was told that it was necessary and that my guides would keep me on track. That helped to reassure me.

Jenny: I have always known that earth is not my real home, even before I could talk. In fact, I struggled with being here, I spent most of my life withdrawn and depressed.

Several times I begged to go home. It was an extremely lonely feeling. Like being awake while everyone around me is sleeping.

When I was 8 years old, I had an OBE while on a car ride through the countryside. I found myself in a void or space looking at Earth. I had no body, only my conscious awareness.

A spiritual being told me telepathically, “Time is an Illusion, and Earth is an Illusion with a Purpose. Respect IT.”

I knew it was truth, more true than anything I’ve ever known here. It was strange. Earthly reality is like a dream compared to the awareness I felt in the OBE.