The Sun is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe.

The Sun is a portal.

It is a multidimensional gateway to many parts of the universe. It is an exit point when we journey from Earth at the time of death. It is the entry point to Earth when our soul arrives for human birth.

We illustrate here with 2 examples.

First, the spiritual vision of Janice.

Janice: I am an Empath and have always been.
I FEEL ENERGY even during a phone conversation.
Thoughts and emotions are overwhelming for me when I’m in someone’s presence.

Children are my passion! They know how to live. I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and a great granddaughter on the way.

I would rather be sitting in the middle of a bunch of children anytime than with the adults. Children move me the most. They are our future and we must guide them well. Love them more than they can IMAGINE.

The child in me has always KNOWN that I was on a mission: Being Love. Being Light. Helping others with no expectations. Being present in the moment, responding to help others with no fear.

On the other hand, I knew no one else like me. I didn’t fit in. I never did. I knew that I was different. All my life, the adults were trying to change me. I could not conform to their idea of who I was supposed to be. How I saw and viewed the world was different from everyone else.

Even though I knew there was nothing wrong with me, sometimes I became TIRED—TIRED OF SEARCHING for the Truth of Life. One night about 25 years ago, I asked God to show me the Truth. I had searched every religion and nothing fit. I was sobbing my soul out.
and felt like just leaving the planet. Just leaving my body. But I did not want to leave this planet without knowing the truth.


God answered my prayer. I’m crying here, feeling powerful emotions in rememberance of the profound validation that I was given.

I was gifted with a special vision. This was a vision of my future—I had finished this life and had left this planet.

I went straight to the Sun. I went through the Sun. It was not hot, rather the Sun is a Portal of Glowing Golden Light.

As I came through the portal, there was some kind of a rim. I was tired and stumbled a bit as I stepped over the rim.

Inside was this beautiful world and my mother and father—my parents in this lifetime—were there waiting for me with open arms.

I gasped and told them, “I made it. I did it!”

All I felt was Love and the Vision ended. I knew then that I would succeed and return Home. At Peace.

And I was just a little girl in that vision.

The morning after my vision, the Door Opened and Opened Wide.

I stepped out with no fear and my life changed completely.
I was guided to my roots: Cherokee. I studied with the Great Great Grandson of Geronimo, an Apache Holy Woman, and a Seneca Medicine Man. I met Indigious Medicine People from all over the world. I was guided every step of the way.

I am so thankful and grateful to be alive, awake, and aware at this Time on the Planet!

Second example is from a great spiritual master from India:

Each time we descend to earth and are born in the womb of our mothers, we carry awareness of our soul’s journey. Or so claimed, the Indian guru and physician Thakur Anukulchandra (1888—1969), based upon his prebirth memories.

Here are all the details. Thakur:

I recall how a prime point let itself explode into millions of hyper atoms. Each hyper atom then burst into millions of supra-hyper atoms resulting in an uncut indivisible physically inconceivable point. I witnessed that ultimate point – the Cosmic Soul – create an infinity of beings out of itself like thousands of sparks coming from a fire. The souls were destined to live through a series of lives so long as they remained subject to the illusion of personal individuality.

From the beginning of Creation until my present life, my ego passed through various phases prior to being encaged in a living body, last of all human.

My chain of human births include a cobbler, prince, and spiritual seeker.

In the gap between each death and rebirth, I felt empathy for family members whom I watched grieving for me.

I dwelled in an undefined higher region prior to my present life. My journey to Earth involved traveling through a yet undiscovered system of celestial constellations.

I traversed a vast distance in space, passing through 44,000 planets. While our planets rotate around the Sun, I observed that lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of suns rotate around a bigger sun.

I also proceeded through a former planet that had split into pieces, and observed a planetary system yet to be discovered by science.

Still fresh in my memory is the strange behavior of a unique constellation – a central star surrounded by four other stars. The four stars appeared red when they approached the central star and turned blue when they moved away through a principle known to science as the Doppler Effect.

En route to Earth, I stopped at various planets where celestial beings welcomed me with a grand ovation. Each planet had unique life forms suited to their atmospheres, unlike any found on Earth. I felt a pang of separation as the planetary beings chanted hymns in my praise as I departed from their planet.

I finally arrived in our solar system by coming through a ray of light and descending into the Sun. I was not burnt to ashes. The Sun’s interior is very cold, the heat is on its surface.

Just think, I descend from inside the sun by a track. If one takes the track from here, would see pitch darkness just on the left and on the right, not right, rather diagonally he would see light only. He would witness 44,000 planets on the way, one of which is split into pieces.