The Tao of Conception

In Taoist philosophy, ‘making love’ is a bonding between two people that reflects the bonding between human and Divine, and is undertaken in that light. Children are never a mistake.

Taoist conception guidelines are based on thousands of years of experience. Taoists took the responsibility of conception of a child very seriously based upon their belief that the family is the backbone of society. A strong family unit is the basis of a strong culture and society. No family is strong if the individuals are weak.

Taoism gives responsibility to parents to ensure that future generations are strong and healthy. Taoists recognize the importance of creating a balanced energy field in the prospective parents as a home for the child’s incoming spirit.

Conceiving a child requires thought and consideration.

Taoist guidelines for preparation of conception follow:

  • It is essential that parents have a harmonious, loving relationship and make every effort to be healthy, to eat well, to be physically fit, and to entertain positive thoughts.
  • Conception of child begins with a bath followed by lovemaking in pleasant, peaceful surroundings including comfortable temperature, candlelight, incense or perfume, and soothing music.
  • If a couple feels anything but loving and intimate about a sexual encounter, either at the time or afterwards, this would be considered “damage’ on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.
  • Damage, emotionally, will almost always lead to some sort of physical manifestation, even if it not immediately apparent.
  • Peng Tsu, the Taoist master, advised that the husband increase his potency by conserving semen prior to conception.

Taoism recognizes forbidden times and circumstances under which it is unwise to conceive a child. Carelessness results in a baby with a physical or mental defect.

  • Conceiving a child when either parent is extremely fatigued may result in a weak, sickly child, with little resistance to disease.
  • It is unwise to conceive a child if either parent is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication. A child born from these conditions may have susceptibility to liver problems, nervous conditions, and mental illness.
  • Conceiving a child in a country where a war is happening may result in a hyperactive child with a violent nature. This applies equally to personal battles such as divorce, family upheaval, office politics within a corporation, etc. There is a saying, “Never go to bed angry.” Anger creates toxic and chaotic Qi, which is intensified during sex.
  • Conceiving during a hurricane or a violent storm, when the surrounding energy is chaotic, may result in a child with low resistance to disease.
  • Conceiving a child during a sunset, a time of low energy, may result in a child with impaired vision.
  • Do not conceive during extreme weather conditions — severe cold or heat, rain and dampness, fog and heavy winds, thunder and lightning. They have a negative input on the function of vital organs and human electro-magnetic field balance. In fact, sexual intercourse itself is not advised at these times.
  • During pregnancy, sexual intercourse is like an earthquake to the baby and may harm the fetus, which is at peace in the mother’s womb. This is particularly important during the last trimester.


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