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cosmic cradle - spiritual dimensions of life before birthCosmic Cradle:
Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth

Foreword by Bernie Siegel, MD
Introduction: Amnesia of Our Spiritual Origins

Explore the hidden journey of the Soul via stories of parents, children, indigenous peoples, mystics, East-West saints, ancient philosophers, Tibetan Lamas, and Near-Death Experiencers. The stories in Cosmic Cradle come from one hundred contemporary interviews and parallels from 108 cultures and religions, including theories about pre-birth planning, cosmologies describing where our Soul dwells prior to entering the womb, and reasons why people forget pre-earthly life.

Part One: Pre-Birth Memory

1. Children as Messengers
Indicator Signs: Real or Imaginary?
Two-Year-Old Philosopher in Love with Heaven
“Mommy, Why Are People Afraid to Die?”
My Most Treasured Memory
Reborn Straight from Tibet
I Saw the Snow before I Was Born
Ty’s Transmission
Snippets of Children’s Pre-Birth Memories
The Azure Palace: A Story for Children

2. Memories of the Cosmic Cradle
Soul Born in Response to Collective Call for Help
Falling to Earth from the Pure Light
Memory of Unlimited Possibilities
Tethered to Divine Love

3. “I Was in Your Tummy Twice”
One Soul, Two Bodies
Confirmation of Pre-Birth and Rebirth Memories
A Mother’s Validation of Rebirth

4. Scanning Soul Plans: Contemporary Pre-Birth Memories 
Earth: A Place Set up to Heal the Mind
Sex at High Noon
Snippets: Souls Watching Pre-birth Movies

5. Welcome to Planet Earth: Pre-Birth Memories of Courageous Souls 
Path of Earthly Thorns, Smell of Roses
Forgiving My Mother’s Abuse
Learning Lessons in One Life or Three Lives
Guide: “Are You Absolutely Certain?”
DŽjˆ vu: Dysfunctional Family, Abuse, Cancer, NDEs

6. Shirley Temple and the Blue Bird
A Soul’s Reluctant Sojourn to Earth
What Happened to My Baby, Mary Ellen?
Soul has 360 Degree Vision Without a Body
Love Overcomes Trauma at Birth
Reluctant Sojourner Recalls Light at Birth
We Are All Beams of Light
Reluctance to Exit the Bliss: Parallels to NDEs

7. Our Soul as a Tiny Spaceship: Interlife Memories 
A Soul Googles Earth Seeking Rebirth
Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
What Sort of Rebirth Do You Want?
Soul Reborn From Tibet
Human Body is an Ultimate Gift

8. I Saw All My Costumes: Beverly’s Evolutionary Rebirth Journey
Awakening in Childhood
Movies in Heaven
Eleven Past Lives and the Interlives
Modern Mystic
A Projectile of Light

Part Two: Pre- Birth Communications

9. Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth
Hovering at Heaven’s Door
Rebirth under the Right Star Dance
Rebirth of an Advanced Soul
Golden Messages from an Unborn Child
Meeting My Daughter in the Cosmic Void
Soul Heals Marriage
Meeting My Son’s Soul over Chesapeake Bay
Radical Eggs and Miracle Pregnancies
Brotherhood Takes Nine Years
Cherubim on Pink Clouds

10. Soul as a Sphere of Light
Thousands of Soul Bubbles of Light
Soul as a Blue Orb
Struck by a Beam of Light
Mother and Daughter Skydiving to Earth
Soul’s Fiery Light

11. Cosmic Conception
Ecstatic Explosions during Conception
Pillar of White Light during Lovemaking
Celestial Visitors in the Bedroom
London Odyssey: “Let’s Make Love”
Serendipitous Mystical Conception
Cosmic Conception in the South Pacific
Lovers Struck by Cupid’s Arrow
Spiritual Sex to Conceive Children
When Does the Soul Enter the Fetus?

12. Miscarriages and Stillbirths in the Light of Pre-Birth Plans
Pregnancy as a Roller Coaster
A Knock on the Door from Twins
Spiritual Lessons in the Loss of a Baby
Message of the Bumblebee
Miscarriages in the Light of a Greater Wholeness

13. Conversations with Unborn Children
A Mystical Mother’s Journey
Mother-Child: Relationship of Oneness
A Visit from My Unborn Grandson
Prenatal Communication with a Battered Teen

Part Three: Pre-Birth Wisdom Down through History

14. Spirit-Children Down Under
Messages from the Psychic Dream World
Rebirth Down Under
Conception Parallels to the BaoulŽ in Africa
The Great Mother’s Maternity Ward
Numbakulla’s Spirit-Children
Eluding Motherhood
When Things Fall Apart: Lost Visions
Knowing from a Distance

15. Lodge of the Great Manitou
Children Descend from the Cosmic Abode
String of Babies: Myth of the San Joaquin Basin
Indigenous American Seers
Memories of Embryonic Life and Pre-Birth
Pre-Birth Memories of a Winnebago Shaman

16. The Cosmic Designer
You Get the Body of Your Choice
Soul Groups
Island of Perpetual Youth
Er’s Tour of the Land of Cosmic Contracts
Insights into the Cosmic Designer
Tweedledee Teaches Alice about Divine Dreaming

17. Travelers from the Light
Plato, Father of Western Philosophy
Treasury of Souls, the Chamber of Creation
Christianity and the Soul
The Precosmic Spiritual Universe-Father Origen
Homesick Traveler
Gnosticism: We Have Come from the Light
“We Lived with the Lord”
Pre-Birth Existence: Cross-Cultural References
Return to the Source: The Goal of Life

18. Journey from Forgetting to Remembering
Four Ways of Descent into the Womb
The Greatest Mystery: Descent and Incarnation
Prenatal Life According to India’s Scriptures
Lailah, Midwife of Souls
Hymn of the Pearl
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Memory of Immortality
Future Pre-Birth Choices

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