Seed of Blue Light and Birth of the Second Dalai Lama

The mother of the 2nd Dalai Lama saw a blue seed of light enter her belly before she conceived him.The Second Dalai Lama lived from 1475 to 1542AD.

Mankind has been blessed by masters born, who lived miraculous lives among mere mortals.

What is interesting about their beginnings is that there was something outstanding about their conception, birth, or events immediately following birth…

The pre-birth dreams and mystical experiences of Kunga Palmo and her husband Gyaltsen serve as an example from Tibet.

In this way, they were prepared for the birth of a son – the rebirth of the First Dalai Lama:

1. A young boy appeared in Gyaltsen’s dream and said: “The omniscient Gendun Drubpa [First Dalai Lama] will soon come to Yolkar. You should receive him well.”

Gyaltsen saw the first Dalai smiling at him, ablaze with light in a meditation cave.

2. The First Dalai Lama appeared to Gyaltsen in a dream and said: “I have almost completed my retreat. Go to my monastery and collect my robes and monk bowl for me.”

3. Kunga dreamed that a blue radiant light, the size of a sesame seed, entered her womb.

The light filled her and flowed out through every pore of her body, filling the ten directions of the universe with its luminosity until all the darkness of the world had been dispelled.

4. The First Dalai Lama announced to Gyaltsen in a dream, that Palmo would birth a son, Sang-gyey Pel, meaning “the Creator of Enlightened Beings,” the name by which the Buddhas of the ten directions and of the past, present, and future know him.

5. A rainbow appeared over the couple’s home on the day of their son’s birth.

The newborn looked around and acknowledged everyone.

He smiled and turned in the direction of the First Dalai Lama’s monastery. He then placed his hands together in prayer and praised the Great Mother of all the Buddhas by reciting the First Dalai Lama’s meditation mantra.

Reincarnation and the Second Dalai Lama (1475– 1542)

As soon as the young Tibetan toddler learned to talk, he told his parents details about his previous life as the First Dalai Lama.

The boy shared memories of how he died and then went to a higher world called Tusita Pure Land and prepared for rebirth.

He expressed his intention to reincarnate in order to enlighten others on Earth. Buddha Maitreya, Nagarjuna, Asanga, Atisha, and Tsongkhapa counseled him.

Tsongkhapa tossed a white flower toward Earth and advised, “Reincarnate where ever the flower falls.”

The boy told his parents: “The flower landed in Yolkar Dorjeden. Therefore, I chose this place for my rebirth and you as my parents.”

One day when his mother scolded him, he said: “Don’t get annoyed at me or I won’t stay. I’ll go back to Tashilhunpo” (monastery of the First Lama).

By the time of the child’s third birthday, rumors surrounding his birth had spread throughout Tibet.  Chojor Palzang, one of the First Dalai Lama’s disciples, received a message in a dream:The Second Dalai Lama was already making his presence known before his birth.

“Of all wonders in the world, the rebirth of omniscient Gendun Drubpa [First Dalai Lama] stands supreme. That great wonder is among us now.” 

Chojor Palzang visited the child lama. The boy impressed the master and convinced Chojor to inform the monastery of the First Lama’s rebirth.

When the child visited his predecessor’s monastery, he identified the places where he had meditated as well as thrones where he had given initiations.

He acknowledged previous disciples, greeting everyone by name without any introduction and relating to them as if they were old friends.

One elderly monk harbored reservations. Without saying anything, the monk thought to myself, “This child is supposed to be the rebirth of my great guru, but his manner is so different. Surely he cannot be the true reincarnation.”

Then, the clairvoyant child whispered into the old monk’s ear: “Due to the changing of bodies, the character must also undergo some kind of a change.” (The First Dalai had been humble, modest, and introverted, whereas this child appeared outspoken, assertive, and outgoing.)

“The Second Dalai Lama was the greatest of all the early Dalai Lamas.”— The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

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