Before I was born, I knew what I was going to face

Jon: I have had a prebirth memory before I could even walk, I remember being in a dim white lit room with an oval window looking down over Earth. spaceship?

My guides told me, “You must go back.”

I didn’t want to, but they insisted.

They gave me a choice of two lives. I wasn’t happy about either, but I had to pick. After I chose, they told more details about the life I picked which have already come true.

They asked, “Do you wish to remember?”

I said, “Yes.” I thought the memories would help me get through the hardship I was going to face by knowing there is more to life than what we experience on Earth.

I believe we are beings of energy and Earth must be a training program (school), maybe even some advanced simulation? How else would they know what would happen to us in this life before we are born?

Manuel: I’ve struggled with my prebirth memories. Back in the 70s and 80s, it was taboo to speak of such things. I had to go through life with all these pieces of a puzzle and no end in sight. How do you share without being laughed at, ridiculed, and branded a nut job? No one will truly understand or believe unless they experience it themselves.

I remember being in outer space or a vast dark void. I was surrounded by beings. We discussed my mission on earth. I felt eager, a willing participant. I watched images of my parents, certain people I would connect with, and my daughter.

After the briefing, as I like to call it, I entered a vortex or tunnel. I slid down, moving fast. I ended up inside my mother’s womb from that point on.

Feelings of anticipation and willingness to come into this realm have been a blessing and a curse. I have had unseen and seen guides or angels with me. I live my life not knowing my purpose, yet I have a job to do. I have had to overcome many obstacles and struggles.

It’s comedic that I remember prebirth, but sometimes I can’t recall what happened 3 days ago!

Majid: I have a prebirth memory of choosing parents. I was somewhere in space when a visual portal opened up and I was shown my parents. My spiritual mission was to bring them joy, happiness, and support them to have a better life.

Before I was able to talk. I knew that they both my parents had grown up in a rough childhood. The goal/mission to bring them a better life was always in my mind right from early childhood.

Jorge: These memories are true folks. When I was a child, they were more vivid and clear; they have become clouded over after 55 years.

I recall being in a line of others waiting to be incarnated. No one wanted to go because they didn’t want to leave. But we understood this was more of a “duty” or mission that needed to be fulfilled in order to be closer to God once the mission was complete. I was assured by God that He would always be with me.

I was given the choice of a very wealthy family or a lower, middle class family. I chose the lower, middle class family because there was going to be substantially more to learn with that choice.

I looked down and saw my parents and their home. When I acknowledged being ready, I heard “applause” and celebration.

In an instant, I was struggling in fluid being born.

These memories stayed with me after being born. I was frustrated that I had no way to communicate it as an infant.


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