“What if I’m sad about being pregnant?”

"I experienced Divine Love like an explosion!"

Barbara gives us a taste of her pre­-birth transformation during pregnancy:

“With my third baby I felt sad and cried when I realized that I was pregnant. In fact that same week I was looking into a getting a tubal ligation because I did not want to be pregnant again.

“I was sad during pregnancy because I knew my baby felt my disappointment and sadness.

“I felt guilty and horrible about myself; this caused me to be angry, short tempered and depressed.

“A friend had suggested that I take the time to connect, talk with and listen to my baby. Towards the end of pregnancy I finally laid down in a quiet room and connected with my unborn child.

“I told her that I was sorry, and that I loved and wanted her, whoever she would be.

“I had just been ready for more freedom (my other two were finally needing me less) and I was surprised to find out I was pregnant again.

“I told my baby that my feelings were about my being selfish and not about her “being.”

“I told the baby that I loved her with all of my heart.

“After I emptied myself by releasing sorrow and apologizing, I opened up and listened/received.

“I experienced divine love like an explosion.

“Love, Laughter, welcoming.

“Then a deep knowing that forgiveness is not something ‘required,’ by the Divine/God.

“Shame or sadness is something which WE have created, and keep in place.

“Forgiving ourselves dissolves this and we join with bliss. All and Everything welcomes us home the moment we let go.

“My baby told me that I was chosen, especially for EVERYTHING that ­I ­am. She told me that she knew exactly what she was coming for and would be no problem at all.

“This soul was eager and ready to enjoy life.”

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