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We are honored to receive reviews of Cosmic Cradle from leaders in the fields of body/mind/spirit, prenatal psychology, near-death studies, and religion.

“The contents of Cosmic Cradle are similar to my personal and professional life experience. I accept what I experience, even if I cannot explain it…”
— Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

Cosmic Cradle is a must-read for everyone who has forgotten the life of their soul before birth.

A penetrating and insightful inquiry into one of the greatest mysteries of existence— where we come from, who we are, why we are here, and why we forget.”
–Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and Seven Paths to God

“Modern research into the nature of consciousness is revealing a consistent picture: consciousness is nonlocal or infinite in space and time. It is not confined to the brain, the body, or the present, as many have believed. Cosmic Cradle puts a human face on this research. This fascinating book will bring comfort to anyone concerned about our origins and destiny— and who isn’t?”
— Larry Dossey, MD, author of The One Mind, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

Cosmic Cradle gives me chills of recognition. This book is the truth. And I found it both an affirmation and huge inspiration.”

— Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

“I love the concept of Cosmic Cradle. It relates most completely to the unequivocal reality of reincarnation, an essential understanding of life. Pre-birth memories and memories of previous incarnations continue to help us understand our complex Cosmos.”
— C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, author of Energy Medicine

“Cosmic Cradle offers an extraordinary collection of stories shared by families who experienced pre-birth memories and communication from both the parent’s and the baby’s points of view.

Their portrayals of the incarnation process from spirit to human realms are supported in the book by the timeless understandings nearly every culture has had— that we are conscious spiritual beings coming into human life with purpose and design.

We are at a tipping point in Western thought, moving from Newtonian views into a consciousness-based understanding of our core spiritual nature. Cosmic Cradle inspires us forward into the new, yet ancient wisdom of that core nature at beginning of life.”
— Wendy Anne McCarty, PhD, RN, author of Welcoming Consciousness: Supporting Babies’ Wholeness from the Beginning of Life

Cosmic Cradle is a stunning achievement, comprehensive in scope, spiritually illuminating!

In one stroke the authors have succeeded in lifting out of obscurity a world literature–ignored during the recent era of scientific materialism–representing virtually all cultures and religions from ancient to contemporary times. An introductory overview brilliantly and concisely documents the historical depth and paradigm-shattering significance of communications between parents and babies before conception.

The logical succession of chapters which follow artistically blend ancient and contemporary sources of authoritative personal reports and prove that the experience of preconceptual communication is a universal human experience. This work of encyclopedic proportions is the rare fruit of thirty years of passionate and scholarly exploration of human consciousness, the neglected step-child of 20th Century psychology. Elizabeth and Neil Carman have thrown open a golden door.”
— David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D., author of Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birthand The Mind of Your Newborn Baby

Cosmic Cradle is an extremely unique book, with a soul inspiring subject matter. Clear lucid writing.

This book has the potentiality of awakening consciousness and enriching human relationships of millions.

The authors deserve all blessings for an outstanding work based on painstaking research work.”
— Swami Dharmananda, director of the International Vishwaguru Meditation and Yoga Institute, Ved Niketan Dham, Rishikesh, India

“I am the host of a spirituality website titled Beyond Religion ( which features mystical stories from around the world in ten different categories, including pre-birth communication.

I met the Carmans when they contacted me, asking to be put in touch with some of the people who had submitted stories dealing with experiences in their field of pre-birth studies. Later, they allowed me to preview the manuscript of their new book.

As familiar as I am with this type of story, I was amazed at the breadth and depth of the information which this book contains.

It elevated my understanding of the subject to an entirely new level, and revolutionized my ideas, not only about the consciousness level of the in-utero baby but the extent to which mother and child can communicate and interact.

“The authors have interviewed over 150 people from a number of countries, ‘a rare group of individuals who possess pre-birth memories.’

While most of us have a form of amnesia which causes us to believe that we arrived here from nowhere, there are individuals who clearly recall existing as souls in the spirit world and making the decision to be born into the physical.

“In addition, these people remember the preparations which were required – choosing parents, sex, siblings, nationality, etc. – as well as being fully aware of life in the womb during gestation. The child’s spirit is not only able to think deeply while its future body is developing, but is strongly influenced by what is happening in its world outside the womb, to the extent that conflict in the family may cause it to decide to change its mind about incarnating.

“The subject of life scripts is fascinating, revealing how incoming spirits can pre-plan the circumstances of their lives, including the events and people they will encounter which will help them fulfill their reasons for coming to Earth. Difficult life scripts confer more value on the soul, and help explain the differences in life’s circumstances between various individuals.

“One of the startling revelations in the book is the fact that souls can hover around the mother for years before conception, trying to convince her to have a baby so that the soul can come into the physical.


Psychic persons can communicate with these souls on a remarkably high level during this period. The point is clearly made that for a child to be born, egg, sperm and soul all need to come together. Conception and birth, thus, are not merely random events but the result of a high degree and planning and agreement on the part of the participants.

“Mothers have been known to have visions of what the baby will look like, and to have heard announcements such as, “I’m coming to you to be born.” Some mothers can also sense the moment in which conception takes place and the spirit enters the fetus. The child conceives the man and woman into parenthood as much as they conceive the child into flesh. Souls nearing perfection do not need a long life, which may explain such events as stillbirth and crib death. None of these events is accidental, but the result of a specific kind of interaction between the parents and the soul of the child.

“The conclusion of the book is that birth is not an isolated event which happens as a mere whim, but a spiritually engineered event which is a daily miracle in a world which is often blind to the spiritual energies in our midst.

“Christianity is opposed to the idea of pre-birth existence since it leads to conclusions about reincarnation, which is not part of the Christian belief system.

As a pastor, I find this resistance to a belief in life before birth to be a rejection of a basic belief about the nature of God, and about our own nature as well.

We believe that we will live for eternity in heaven with God after death. But eternity cannot be eternal on only one end – that is, we cannot begin from nothing at the moment of conception and then live for eternity. Eternity means no beginning as well as no end. Therefore, a belief in eternity after death assumes the fact of eternity before birth. We are part of God, and therefore have always existed with God. So, these memories of life before physical birth are perfectly consistent with an understanding of our creation by a God who has never had a beginning.”
— Rev. John W. Sloat, host of and author of A Handbook for Heretics

Cosmic Cradle is marvelous. I was ready for everything you said. Such a rare privilege, a tremendous teaching, like an encyclopedia.

I feel challenged, inspired. It opened new vistas, new horizons to me. H. B. Blavatsky did tremendous ground work. But Cosmic Cradle is predating, pre-realizing that. It is an work of illumination, it truly is, if used in the way I have laid out (working with the index). Thank you for the great opportunity to expand my consciousness.”
— Murshida Vera Justin Corda, PhD is the founder of New Age Sufi Schools and author of Cradle in Heaven and Holistic Child Guidance

“Occasionally one comes across an exceptional book. Thus is Cosmic Cradle. Spanning the whole of recorded history up to contemporary times, authors Elizabeth and Neil Carman have collected and then shared with us the lesser-known mysteries surrounding conception, pregnancy, and birth. They have unveiled the soul in all its splendor and glory, and done so with meticulous care and irrefutable scholarship.”
— P. M. H. Atwater, LhD, PhD, author of Coming Back to LifeBeyond the LightChildren of the New MillenniumThe New Children and Near-Death Experiences

Cosmic Cradle is wonderful! This book gives us a wider lens through which to view the questions every child asks — where did I come from and how did I get here?

Cosmic Cradle reports how for millennia parents relate with their children prior to conception through stories of people’s spontaneous recall of choosing their earthly circumstances. The authors also offer a fuller picture on the soul’s pre-existence by drawing on traditional wisdom from around the globe and the dreams and visions of lovers destined to be parents.

There is a world of insight in this book. Cosmic Cradle is fruitful reading for couples planning to have a child, for parents, and family life educators.

I enjoyed Cosmic Cradle so much that I am including it in the new bibliography of my revised and expanded edition of Prenatal Yoga & Natural Childbirth. It is a relatively small bibliography of only what I consider are the finest titles for the possible family. Cosmic Cradle is an important book that will deepen our exploration of the mysteries of conception, birth, and family relations. Thank you Elizabeth and Neil Carman for compiling this tome!”
— Jeannine Parvati Baker, founder of Hygieia College, and author of Prenatal Yoga & Natural ChildbirthHygieia: A Woman’s Herbal, and co-author of Conscious Conception

“An extraordinary research work, yielding a quasi-encyclopedic treasury of evidence for the soul’s pre-existence.

Cosmic Cradle makes it clear that pre-birth communication has been known and recorded throughout history and across cultures worldwide.”

— Elisabeth Hallett, author of In the Newborn YearSoul Trek: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth and Stories of the Unborn Soul

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