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Cosmic-Cradle-unborn children-courting-mother-BouguereauCosmic Cradle’s New Pre-Conception Paradigm

Pre-conception experiences suggest a cosmic side of life that remains poorly understand and rarely recognized today. Shrouded in mystery and hidden by the secret veil of the unborn’s world, a new paradigm is emerging about this untold story.

The predominant trend in science since the 17th century has been materialism, the mistaken assumption that physical matter is the only reality and that all thoughts and feelings can be explained as merely physical phenomena.

If we are unable to test, measure, weigh, or observe a phenomenon with a telescope, microscope, analyzer, or cyclotron, we believe it can not exist. The human mind is assumed to be little more than the biophysical changes of the neurological system.

The ideas and teachings of the materialistic world view have a great influence.

In such a narrow climate, we are unlikely to hear the rare pre-conception stories of many individuals including Joanna, Beverly, Lorenzo, or Glen in our universities and news media. Chances are good that they will be dismissed as purely anecdotal, without a clear scientific basis.

All this helps to explain why we are left with such poor insight into our spiritual roots in these challenging times. A new, yet ancient, understanding of human life is embedded within the principles governing pre-conception phenomena.

The experiences parallel an emerging paradigm with a new set of assumptions which more completely explain the beginnings of our life on Earth.

Before we explore the new pre-conception paradigm, let’s encapsulate the old pre-conception paradigm with its outdated assumptions forming part of our shared world view as taught by our parents, teachers, and society.

The materialistic pre-conception paradigm presumes that we have no soul. Accordingly, we are pawns of genetic codes, traumatic incidents, societal accidents, random chance and what our parents did or did not do. We don’t really know why we exist and can’t realize the empowering knowledge of our destiny.

The old materialistic paradigm boils down to five assumptions:

  1. Heredity and social environment (nature and nurture) fully explain human life.
  2. Memory and awareness arrive with the development of specific brain structures and a nervous system, where memories can be stored. We have no consciousness or sensory abilities before the brain exists.
  3. Parents cannot communicate or bond with their children prior to conception. A newborn is a blank slate to be molded by his parents, teachers and society.
  4. Biological conception is a random, chance natural event and marks the first step toward creating a human life.
  5. Our five human senses give us an accurate perception of the world.

The Cosmic Cradle Pre-Conception Paradigm is “new” only to modern materialistic thinking. It draws upon traditional wisdom and gifted individuals and shows that a human being is not a soul-less, biological life form, but has a deep interconnectedness with the ground state of consciousness and with the scheme of the universe.

The Cosmic Cradle Pre-Conception Paradigm contains five assumptions:

  1. Parenthood begins long before sperm unites with egg.
  2. Preparations for human life occur in the womb of the universe, a hidden realm filled with intelligent souls waiting to be born.
  3. Our life plan, or cosmic contract, is designed prior to conception.
  4. The boundaries of memory transcend our brain. Human consciousness exists independently of a brain and nervous system, even before the tiny fetus forms.
  5. Individuals with gifted awareness are aware of souls seeking birth and remember pre-uterine life.

The Cosmic Cradle Paradigm enlightens us about our proper place in the larger Cosmos. We discover that the events leading up to biological conception are not accidental, random processes happening within a universe devoid of consciousness and spiritual intelligence.

Neil explains, “Humanity is living in a spiritual vacuum. A need exists for a world view about our soul’s history. Birth is not the beginning of our life. Every year millions of souls begin planning their appearance on Earth in physical bodies. Cosmic Cradle tells an untold story of who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.”

More than 100 Stories illustrate the five principles of the new paradigm laid out in Chapter One.


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