Pre-Conception Communications in Our Time

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Birth is far more than a brief biological marvel. It’s the beginning of our spiritual journey on Earth:

Peak experiences from two contemporary mothers give a flavor of pre-conception dreams, visions, and intuitive insights leading up to the birth of their children.

Joanna began to discover that the cosmic explorations of souls seeking human birth occurs during pre-conception, a phase unique unto itself before pregnancy begins. Unborn children appeared as sparkling, virtually invisible visitors. Their souls often circled around her, wanting her for their mother. “The room was filled with five-inch floating soap bubbles with a pearlescent sheen like liquid gold. Each had a faint impression of a beautiful cherub face — pink cheeks, golden hair and all. I could see them with my eyes opened or closed.” Joanna’s third child was born one year later. He is over ten years old today.

Beverly Anderson crossed the boundaries between Heaven and Earth when she met her son 20 years prior to his birth.

“I knew my son’s personality, outlook on life, and sense of humor. We had been having non-linear communications for a long time.” Then suddenly three months before her marriage Beverly was medically diagnosed with cancer of the cervix. The doctor advised a complete hysterectomy and to blow off the idea of having a child. Beverly replied, “I don’t think you know the ball game. I am going to have this child. He is pestering me to be his Mommy, and he is important.” Her son Taylor turned eight in 1999 and remains Beverly’s only child.

Pre-conception communications with the unborn portray the soul’s desire for birth and highlight a remarkable process that begins to unfold before pregnancy. Creation of each human life begins to transpire on the level of a parent’s cognition of the child’s soul. Every soul seeking birth is a fully conscious, vibrant being who is aware of parents and interacts with them in this subtle process. These soul-courting relationships spark couples to have tender thoughts of babies. Thirty-five people — among 100 Americans interviewed — had at least one pre-conception communication where they met or sensed a child waiting in the wings who later became part of their family.


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