Modern Gifted Memory

forgetting where we come from before birthContemporary Gifted Memory

In response to the questions, “Where do I come from? How did I get here? Why did I come here?”, contemporary gifted individuals, including children, recall planning earthly life and choosing parents before being in a physical body, even before developing a brain for information storage.

Human beings are much more vast and complex than a mind, body, and emotions. We are spiritual beings who can recall “gifted memories.”

Rare are those among us who seem to remember anything about our first breath, what transpired in the womb or before conception. Our first memories are steeped in deep mystery and lie buried beneath layers of consciousness few of us manage to penetrate or perceive. How fascinating, then, to find individuals who recall choosing to be born, the realms of the cosmos from where they journeyed, as well as reasons for coming “here.”

Teresa said, “Of course, I prefer to be a woman.” Her guide cautioned, “You will be persecuted.” Teresa replied, “I don’t care. I love the feminine energy too much.”

Even as a young child, Teresa, a 38-year-old mother and business owner, recalled how she selected parents, economic status, spouse, as well as means of death with the help of a heavenly guide.

The Divine Planner instructed Teresa’s soul — “Earth is set up for the purpose of healing the mind. Earth is a world built off of specialness. Specialness is when you favor someone over another, when you judge others. Specialness is the opposite of Heaven where God loves everyone equally.”


Memories of heavenly realms – where souls make their plans to be born on Earth — are presented by contemporary children like two-year-old Taylor. His infant words struck his mother like a thunderbolt shooting straight out of heaven.

Beverly told her son, “Thank you so much for being my son. I am proud that you are my little boy. I appreciate being your Mommy.”

Taylor replied, “But Mommy, didn’t you know, I picked you?”

Beverly said, “Excuse me, will you run that by me one more time?”

Taylor explained, “I picked you because I knew you would be a good Mommy . . . . And I love you.”

Beverly said, “Really, you picked me to be your Mommy?”

Taylor explained, “Well, you also picked me to be your son. We cannot do this unless we both agree.”

Beverly said, “Well, that works fine for me. Does it work good for you?”

Taylor replied, “Yeah, it’s good for me.”

That was the end of the conversation.



Glen, a retired military intelligence officer, says:

“Ever since childhood, I recall being part of an assembly of souls who were observing the Earth from a high place. We looked like human beings and wore full-length white kimonos. Each soul had a messenger standing next to him. I heard various conversations going on around me. Each soul was pointing down to Earth and selecting parents.”

Peering down upon Earth, like looking through a large round portal or looking-glass, Glen’s guide gave him a choice of parents. Glen observed three different scenes where a couple was engaged in sexual intercourse.

The guide explained, “With two of the couples, you will breeze through life and earn a small reward. If you chose the third couple, you will encounter tribulations and never achieve your potential, but you will reap the greatest reward.”

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who probed for memories using hypnosis, rebirthing, psychoanalysis, or drugs were excluded, since such methods may be considered unreliable and too artificial, and yet these accounts share parallels with individuals reporting spontaneous recall.


Introduction to an Interview with Elizabeth Carman about Gifted Memory by Elisabeth Hallett, author of Stories of the Unborn Soul and Soul Trek.

“I am pleased to introduce two new researchers on the frontiers of consciousness. Elizabeth Carman, in collaboration with her husband Neil Carman, Ph.D., have published a remarkable book, Cosmic Cradle: Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth.

Here is a quasi-encyclopedic gathering of evidence for the most mysterious phase of human existence – the stage before conception. Cosmic Cradle brings together traditional lore, little-known historic and religious references, and interviews with contemporary Americans. This broad-based research shows that experiences suggesting pre-existence have been known and recorded throughout time and across cultures world-wide.”


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