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Cosmic-Cradle-narcissus-spiritual-amnesiaHistorical Gifted Memory

Cosmic Cradle presents 41 historical accounts of Gifted Memory in the words of children, Native Americans, ancient Greek philosophers, Tibetan lamas, East Indian saints, to name a few.

While most people experience amnesia of their voyage into this earthly cradle, rare individuals retain some recollection of their plans to be born, why they have come here, and where they have journeyed from. A trail of invisible steps retraces their journey into human form.

Historical examples of gifted memory. where individuals, including children, recall planning earthly life and choosing parents:


Old Testament – King Solomon recalled when God set the Heavens in their place, fixed the canopy of clouds overhead, and knit together Earth’s foundations. (Proverbs 8: 22-31)

Guru Gobind Singh (17th century India) – “I did not desire to depart from God, as my attention was fixed on His feet. The Lord remonstrated earnestly with me and sent me in this world.”

Gerard de Nerval (19th century France) – “I felt bitterly that I was but a momentary sojourner in that world, that foreign yet cherished world, and I trembled at the thought that I must return and re-enter life.”

Gifted Memory suggests that consciousness is not confined to a physical body, and that memory is independent from having a brain and neurological system.

Surprising historical sources posit that Gifted Memory is natural.

Plotinus (3rd century Greece) – The soul is a homesick traveller who vaguely recalls its divine origin and communion with the One.

Church Father Origen (3rd century Christianity) – The soul receives an instruction from God “before entering the earthly body, an instruction which the soul clothed in its earthly body remembers.”

Samuel Butler (19th century England) – “We commonly know that we are going to die, but we do not know that we are going to be born. Is this so? We may have had the most gloomy forebodings . . . and forgotten all about them.”

Cosmic Cradle shares:

  • Gifted memories of heavenly realms where souls are planning to be born on Earth.
  • Historical theories on the soul as a wandering heir to a forgotten inheritance.
  • Religious and philosophical theories of why people forget pre-uterine existence.
  • Depictions of the soul’s true home within the diverse cosmologies of humanity.


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