The journey of a soul begins long before a pregnancy occurs...

Summary of pre-birth experience research:

Pre-Conception Communications in Our Time

Pre-conception communications with the unborn portray the soul’s desire for birth and highlight a remarkable process that begins to unfold before pregnancy. Creation of each human life begins to transpire on the level of a parent’s cognition of the child’s soul.

Pre-Conception Communications Throughout History

Communications with the unborn may be as old as human life itself. Since time immemorial, children’s souls have been announcing from a heavenly abode their pending arrivals months, even years in advance.

Pre-birth Agreements

In our pre-birth experience research, cultures from all over the world describe how we chose the pre-birth agreements before entering this world, including Africa, India, Tibet, Greece, and Native American peoples.

Contemporary Gifted Memory

Contemporary gifted individuals, including children, recall planning earthly life and choosing parents* before being in a physical body, even before developing a brain for information storage.

Historical Gifted Memory

While most people experience amnesia of their voyage into this earthly cradle, rare individuals retain some recollection of their plans to be born, why they have come here, and where they have journeyed from. A trail of invisible steps retraces their journey into human form as detailed in our pre-birth experience research.

Gifted Memory and Higher Consciousness

The ability to recall our soul’s journey from pre-conception to birth is proportional to our spiritual maturity. The higher the consciousness, the more gifted the memory.


Great seers from ancient traditions tell us that creation is cast in layers of universes, analogous to a giant onion, with physical life constituting a middle layer. The legendary Greek philosopher Plato pictured creation as three zones: ethereal, aerial, and material. He said the soul’s journey to Earth begins in the ethereal universe, its birthplace.

Cross-Cultural Parallels

Pre-birth experience research on gifted persons, parents, and children from 165 cultures and religions

Cosmic Cradle’s New Pre-Conception Paradigm

Pre-conception experiences suggest a cosmic side of life that remains poorly understand and rarely recognized today. Shrouded in mystery and hidden by the secret veil of the unborn’s world, a new paradigm is emerging about this untold story.

We will find parallel ideas affirming the immortal consciousness of the soul, karma, and the science of incoming and departing souls from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Sufism, Judaism, Jewish Kabballah, Native American Tradition, Australian Aborigine Tradition, Greek/Roman Philosophers, and Western mystics.

This course is an intellectual study, which complements our exploration via direct experience of the soul in meditation. In our pre-birth experience research, we find an underlying unity of key concepts at the core of diverse cultural perspectives.


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