“I remember when YOU were a baby in heaven, Mom!”

I saw YOU as a baby in heaven, Mom!"

Janelle:  “My six-year-old grandson Chase is almost always smiling. We asked him years ago if he was always happy. He replied, ‘Yes, I am. Why would anybody want to be sad?’ 

“My Grandson was born a preemie…3 lbs. 10 oz! The doctors claim he almost died during the life flight.

“He tells us all about spending time with God, and how God knows everything, but it’s not at all how we learn things!

“Also, none of the pictures he has seen are ‘how Heaven really looks at all!’ 

“Another story I would like to share: My husband was driving Chase to our park. He loves to walk across this suspended bridge. As they were driving to the park, it started raining.

“My husband said, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t go since it is raining’. Chase said, ‘Don’t worry; it’s gonna stop.’

“They kept driving. The rain stopped and the sun came out. My husband asked how Chase knew the rain was going to stop. Chase said, ‘I just asked God. He can do anything.’ 

“We saw Chase briefly last weekend. We were celebrating my Aunt’s move into her new house. Four of us sat down for cake.

“We asked Chase if he wanted cake. He said, ‘No thank you. That cake is full of sugar that is not good for me. Can I have an apple? Apples have the good kind of sugar that will help me grow and be healthy.’

“We asked if he was studying healthy eating at school. He said, ‘No, that’s just one of the things God taught me when I was with him.’”

“A few days ago, Chase told his Mother, Ashley. ‘I saw you when you were a baby in Heaven and you were cute!’

“And just the other day he told me, ‘Grammy, I dreamed about my future last night. What’s a future?’

“I answered his question and he said, ‘Yes, my future is going to be good.’”

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