Do You Remember Before You Were Born?

I looked down at Earth, this stunning gem in the universe!

Knowing where you came from can change “who you are” and “where you are going.”

Kathy recalls Life before Birth:

“As I floated there, I looked down at this stunning planet, a beautiful gem in the universe. The brightness of the blue against that inky blackness of space was incredible.

“Even with similar planets in the universe, Earth was a prime piece of real estate. I wanted to take the planet into my arms and take care of all humanity. I also wanted to protect it because it seemed so fragile.”

As a child, Kathy already knew Earth was not her real Home and that she did not originate here:

“I did not know my pre-birth memory was weird until I was playing in the driveway with my friends one day.

“I grew up in a neighborhood with a bunch of boys. When I was about eight, I got confused when they did something mean to a kid who had just moved into our block.

“I asked, ‘Why are you doing this? Don’t you remember before we came here, when we were all connected?’

“They stopped and looked at me. I assumed everyone knew we were all part of the One and that we affected each other.

“I thought, ‘I am not explaining myself very well.’ I said, ‘You know, before we were born.’

“There was like a pause and then all of a sudden, it was: ‘Oh my God, Kathy thinks she remembers being born.’

This was my realization point. I fell back into myself and felt extremely alone. I kept my mouth shut after that.”

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