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Reviews from the many attendees at the Carman’s June 2014 event at the Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, Texas – sponsored by IANDS:

  • Very interesting. Wonderful speakers, great slides, great subjects!
  • Fascinating and amazing!
  • I have experienced many of the things they spoke about. It’s great to know that this is the truth for many others.
  • Great event! Thanks to Unity Church and the Carmans!


Reviewer: Sandra Hughes

Fascinating! The Carmans asked the pre-life questions, then painstakingly did the research, their information is not just from the West, but from worldwide cultures.

This book is a goldmine! Beautifully organized and compiled.

Reviewer: Marie Gee

“Can I give it MORE than 5 stars? I LOVE this book. I literally find my jaw dropping with pretty much every story. The validations these people have gotten from their parents are astounding. Things that they ‘know’ which are confirmed by parents and others could not have been available to them in any other way besides having seen and experienced those things firsthand.

I’m only about 1/3 of the way into the book and I’m trying to savor every page. I don’t want it to end and I’m HOPING for a sequel.

I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural or scientifically unproven. But for me, I have always found such hope in people who are born with very strong past life memories.

Kids who are so tied to their previous life that they have a difficult time adjusting to their current life. Their memories are so strong, so detailed and clear that often, they end up meeting still living friends and relatives from their previous lifetime and those friends or relatives become convinced that the child was indeed their deceased loved one. Imagine the kind of evidence you would need to embrace some little kid who was claiming to be your dead brother, mother, aunt or spouse. It would have to be overwhelming! And it is!

THIS book comes at a similar topic from a different aspect. Instead of kids who remember their previous life, they remember their BETWEEN life…and the decision making process in choosing their parents for the life they are currently living. When they tell their parents about the things they remember, the parents are stunned and wonder how their child could know such details from before they were born or from their own actual birth. One child described the building she was born in as red brick. When she saw it, the building was WHITE brick but someone confirmed that at the time she would have been born there, it was, indeed red. This is one of the least jaw dropping memories that are described!

I love anything that makes me have hope in an afterlife or the continuity of spirit. This book does that for me.

I belong to a face book group called The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy which is more focused on the BETWEEN LIFE realm. But this book confirms so many of Dr. Newton’s findings and what his hypnotherapy patients experienced. I have shared my love of this book on that face book page. The people who have trusted my recommendation and purchased the book, have expressed a similar feeling about it. My friend Janet is almost finished with it and she got it a week after I did ! (I’m a slow reader).

If you are at ALL interested in this topic or topics similar to this, you will not be disappointed by this book. I hope you buy it and I hope you review it and tell others about it.

While you’re at it, you can visit The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy face book page and see the comments that others have made about it!”

Reviewer: Susan Herzberger

“I feel privileged to own this book. Not only is it a masterpiece in how it is written with such clarity, interest and organization but the scope of its contents is pointedly destined to change our ideas about life.

The evidence is stacked up too high in this book to dismiss its message of the soul’s immortality.

Every once in a while a book comes out that obviously has originated from the depths of knowledge. It is thrown into the world as a stone which creates ripples in the duplication and imitation of other books by other authors.

The Carman’s book is like a huge boulder dropped into the status quo. It will be thrilling to watch the waves which ensue!”

Reviewer: Ellie

I loaned the book to a friend right after I was home and she still has it.

She says it “has saved her life.” Her fear of death was consuming her. She has worn the pages thin! So, thank you for writing it. It has meant so much to her.

Reviewer: Louis Chapman

Such a beautiful book Cosmic Cradle. So well researched with stories of communication with future children from around the world. Who would have thought that so many cultures would have similar experiences.

Story after story will thrill you with such touching realization that you know somewhere deep in your Self to be true.

This is not just a book about preconception communication, this is a book about the evolution of our very souls, from one lifetime to the next, and everything inbetween.

It helps show us that our souls are immortal and we are just passing by in our human existence for our own evolution, and enlightenment. I would recommend this book for anyone, maybe a gift for your expecting wife, or a friend. Beautiful illustrations throughout, and the volume of stories and content will overwhelm you.

So many years must have been set aside to make this book and it truly shows in the depth and sincerity of the authors.

What a great job they did I commend them for it and look forward for more books written by them. Truly a book worthy to be discussed on several major talk shows.

Reviewer: Julie Kallio

Magnificent! Excellente! Wonderful! I enjoyed Cosmic Cradle 100 Fold! It’s Stupendous. I loved the way you began. I usually don’t read introductions too closely, but I couldn’t stop reading it. Not only am I learning a ton of new things, I’m also having another ton of “my knowing,” validated. It’s been difficult for me to share certain experiences because they are way, way out past the realm of logic, technical, etc.

The way you’ve broken Cosmic Cradle into different sections increases it’s easy read.

In today’s world where Diversity is a big Key, a “side bar” benefit of Cosmic Cradle is that it supports God’s creation of so much diversity. It smacks the hell out of racial profiling. Cosmic Cradle can in some small to large ways promote additional acceptance, healing, etc.

Although the purpose of Cosmic Cradle wasn’t written to support cultural diversity, yet it does, because you addressed the ancient and current beliefs of numerous cultures.

This is also true of all books about pre-birth contact with the Soul of the unborn child. However, in my opinion, Cosmic Cradle, hits the nail on the head because of your study of ancient and present day cultures.

The time is here, coming, “whatever” for all of the pre-birth data to hit mainstream. I become so enthusiastic about how much the truths on this topic can help more than hurt. I’ve learned to stop and think, “Okay, what is the best way to approach people who may think this is a bunch of ‘mumbo jumbo’?” I’m aware some parents wouldn’t want to hear it and they’re entitled to their thoughts. Yet my guess is many more would. Besides the lack of total agreement doesn’t alter the truth.

Cosmic Cradle can help parents who are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually beating themselves up because their child is dying.

For those who allow it, this book could help relieve and/or eliminate some of their guilt. And, some may come to accept…it really was/is the decision of “the Soul” of their child, one often made long before it entered the human body. Souls bring God’s gift of “free will” into human reality.

When I came in from work this evening I was tired. As I ate, I began to read Cosmic Cradle and all of my tiredness began to vanish. GET THIS BOOK OUT TO THE WORLD—PDQ!!!! {:-)

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