“A projector came down and I watched movies of potential lives.”

watch life planned

Bev remembers choosing parents and planning her next life.

Here is an excerpt from her chapter in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth:

Heaven is where I set the stage for my next life on Earth. I see how I’m doing. I have an overview and know what I am lacking in my overall lesson plan. Nothing is forbidden for me to know.

“I scan past lives. I look at what I need to do nine lives ahead. I can experiment to realize what I need to figure out about myself next, so I can grow more. I can go anywhere, learn anything, and hang with anyone I want to be with, including myself.

“A discussion, a powwow, takes place with my angel or soul group. I tend to be hypercritical: ‘I didn’t get that right. Boy, I wish I had done that differently.’

“My angels encourage me to be gentle: ‘No, you did fine. Your life was lovely, incredible. You learned this, and you learned that.’

“I always pick the one thing I didn’t hit. They say, ‘Don’t be upset. Look at the big picture, not that tiny speck that didn’t turn out perfect.’

If you have a prebirth memory like Bev’s, please contact us to share your story.


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