Journey of the Soul

Elizabeth Carman’s Journey of the Soul powerpoint presentation and workshops summarize the message of Cosmic Cradle:

Every year millions of souls begin planning their appearance on Earth in physical bodies –

and every year millions of other souls already on Earth are preparing their disappearance from the physical world.

This presentation traces the step-by-step journey of the soul from the heavenly world through the mother’s womb to birth in a beautiful, inspiring visual format of classical art, pictures of the cosmos, accounts from major religious traditions, philosophers, indigenous peoples, and natural memories of contemporary gifted individuals (not based on hypnosis).

The experiential component to workshop – “Return to Wholeness” – remembers the unbounded state of consciousness of the pre-life state using relaxation techniques, meditation, breathwork, affirmations, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Primordial Sounds.


What people are saying about “Journey of the Soul”

“Beauty, poetry, clarity, authentic convincing research-all this and more are part of the presentations by Elizabeth and Neil Carman. I was enthralled and wanted them to go on and on. I certainly look forward to attending many more whenever it is possible.”

Rev. Lucille M. Rosen, Ph.D.
Director, Healing Process Workshops
New York


Everyone at our center was thrilled to hear Elizabeth and Neil Carman’s presentation, “Immortality of the Soul“. Their utmost dedication to create a bridge between undying truths of East and West regarding Eternal Live is truly exemplary. We felt inspired to live on, and breathe on, thus uplifted rejuvenated beings.

Much Love to both of you. God’s continued Blessings!

Ghanshyam Singh Birla, Ph.D.
Founder, National Research Insitute for Self-Understanding and
the Palmistry Center
Montreal, Canada


” ‘Journey of the Soul‘ is spectacular. The Carmans beautifully and clearly present a broad range of material quoting from philosophers, saints, indigenous peoples as well as from ancients to contemporary people. The depth and range of knowledge is excellent. The amount of energy that went into creating ‘The Journey of the Soul’ is extraordinary. Everything about this presentation is outstanding. I appreciate the Carmans’ work and look forward to more.”

Rev. Joyce Liechenstein, Ph.D.
Associate Director, The One Spirit Learning Alliance
New York City


Thank you very much for the beautiful presentations at our Symposium on Yoga and the Frontiers of the New Sciences. It is very encouraging for society at large to hear that main stream science is coming into harmony with yoga and spirituality by taking the same path in the search for the same Truth.

When the messages of all faiths and native traditions of the world say that we are the Truth we seek, one most have faith that there is truth in this, and be inspired to realise it.

In these stressful times where the focus has been too heavily on the material, it is due time that we release ourselves from these pressures and realise our spiritual selves.

Prem & Om

Swami Mahadevananda
Sivananda Dhanwanthari Ashram
Kerala, India


” ‘Journey of the Soul’ is an absolutely superb presentation. Content is fantastic including obvious depth research. The visual component is extraordinary. The Carmans have created one of the best.”

Rev. Jon Mundy, Ph.D.
Leading Christian teacher active in North American interfaith movement


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