Pre-Birth Revelations Help Prepare Us for Parenthood

"I woke with a start on Sunday at exactly 4 am with a message from a booming voice:  'You will have more children.''"

Pre-birth revelations prepared Aimee for the births of her four children. Here she shares one of her mystical experiences:

“I’m sure you get stories all the time, but the story with our youngest is a good one and I love to share it.

“I was being trained in a hands-off energy work over the course of a weekend and woke with a start on Sunday at exactly 4 am with a message from a booming voice:

“You will have more children.”

“I had had an auditory message at 4 am the previous morning, but with a different message. When it happened again, I was in shock. I had never experienced those kind of auditory messages.

“But I had spent some moments during the previous six months silently mourning the fact that I wouldn’t have any more children. I was scared though about this declaration and I tried to put it out of my head as best as I could.

“We already had three lovelies and were not in the best financial shape.

“The following week when I was meditating, voices were singing to me, sounding like angels or sirens in high beautiful tones without words. I was given their message, “Please get pregnant now. Get pregnant now.”

“The following month I was in a state of utter grace and appreciation for three days, feeling complete Unity Consciousness.

“Then the usual signs appeared: pregnant women showing up everywhere I went; person after person asking me when we were going to have another baby.

“Then the ultimate sign that I always get: a $2 bill as change from a store. (I have four $2 bills, one from the beginning of each of my pregnancies.)

“After getting a confirmation from a pregnancy test, I felt quite distraught for a few weeks, since we were not feeling financially able to have another baby. I asked the soul, ‘Why us, when so many people try and try and can’t even have one baby?’

“She told me that for what she wanted to accomplish/experience here, we were pretty much her only choice.

“Our daughter was born on Earth Day at home and her determined and strong personality shines everyday.”

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