Is Pre-Birth Memory a Taboo Topic in Religion?

remembering heaven




“We don’t talk about that…”

Why is pre-birth memory still a taboo topic today?

Did you know that pre-birth experience was first labeled a taboo topic by the Christian Church more than 1500 years ago?

Scholars teaching pre-mortal existence were viewed as heretics!

That is just one reason people may be reluctant to share these gifted memories:

“When I tried to tell my parents about remembering being born, they told me that I was making it up and that I was crazy.

“It is such a relief to discover that other people have pre-birth memories and to read almost “word for word” my womb experience and birthing experience which validates my memory recall and also validates that I AM NOT CRAZY!!

I have been made fun of and ridiculed since I was a teenager for speaking those words, “I remember being born.” Thank you for validating mine! We all cannot have similar experiences of the memory of being born if we were ‘just making it up’ like my family wants to believe.”

Pre-birth memories are not as uncommon as some people might think!

In our 25 years of pre-birth research, we have interviewed people who “naturally” remember life before birth, choosing their parents, and who have memories of the blissful, loving world, their true “Home.”

Do you remember being born? Do you remember life in the womb, conception? How far back does your memory stretch? Do you remember your existence as Pure Soul, even before conception?

If you have pre-birth memories, please contact us if you have a story to share!!

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