cosmic cradle - spiritual dimensions of life before birth

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ISBN-10: 1583945520
ISBN-13: 978-1583945520


11 Unique Features of Cosmic Cradle:

1. A useful awareness tool to find daily inspiration, a message for the day, an answer to a question. Just open the book to any story!

2. Easy-to-read format: open to any page and enjoy a story with a title and quick overview.

3. Comprehensive perspective: everything you wanted to know about where your soul comes from, what is the origin and purpose of your life, how your soul got into an earthly body.

4. Timeless knowledge of our soul’s journey to Earth is presented from many cultures, throughout time and space. This information will not become outdated.

5. First time a compilation has been published on the most mysterious stage of human existence.

6. More than 100 Stories told by people from 108 cultures and religions – including modern parents, saints (East and West), Tibetan lamas, Sufi mystics, Greek philosophers, near-death experiencers, and indigenous peoples (Native American, Australian Aborigine, African, and more).

7. Unique cross-cultural, interdisciplinary research approach elucidating the field of life before biological conception.

8. Explores the emerging field of pre-birth consciousness applying a broad perspective and supporting that higher states of consciousness exist.

9. Hundreds of cross-cultural parallels create a bridge between peoples of diverse backgrounds and continents. The sacred wisdom of all times embodies the same teaching about the pre-life state.

10. Great resource and research tool: well-documented with footnotes, bibliographic references and index.

11. Easy-to-understand chapter structure laid out in three parts.



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