Is a newborn baby a fully conscious being?

Are neDo newborn babies feel things like the rest of us?wborn babies already sensing, feeling, and thinking human beings?

Is a baby a conscious and real person?

A secret birth memory shared by Dr David Chamberlain, author of Windows to the Womb, Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth, throws light on this question:

“With the birth completed, Cathy, a midwife’s assistant, found herself alone with a hungry, restless baby after her mother had gone to bathe and the chief midwife was busy in another room.

“Instinctively, Cathy offered the baby her own breast for a short time: then she wondered if this were appropriate and stopped feeding the infant without telling anyone what had happened.

“Years later, when the little girl was almost four, Cathy was babysitting her.

“In a quiet moment, she asked the child if she remembered her birth. The child did, and volunteered various accurate details.

“Then, moving closer to whisper a secret, she said, ‘You held me and gave me titty when I cried, and Mommy wasn’t there.’

“Cathy said to herself, “Nobody can tell me babies don’t remember their births!'”

At a very deep level of consciousness, even babies remember their Soul’s journey, the way they entered our world.

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