Near-Death Vs. Pre-Birth Experiences

In the Carman’s first book, pictured here, they discuss pre-birth and near-death experiences in detail.

Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Ph.D. lectured on the Reverse-NDE or Pre Birth Experiences (PBE) at the annual conference of the International Association of Near-Death Experiencers in 2001 in Seattle.

They discovered 3 major parallels between Near-Death Experiences and Pre-Birth Experiences:

  1. We all are Pre-Birth Experiencers who have traveled down the tunnel of light featured on the cover of Cosmic Cradle
  2. The Near-Death Experience (NDE) is a reverse prebirth experience
  3. At death, we simply travel, so to speak, back up through the frequency shift to higher, faster vibrational energies which seems like a tunnel.

36 NDE stories are found in their first book, Cosmic Cradle: Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth:

Read one of them right here:  Plato’s Myth of Er

Chapter 1: Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth
Second Priniciple – p. 14
Chapter 10: Near-Death Visions of Souls Seeking Birth
Near-Death Experiences – p. 192
Choosing Children – p. 192
Mark and Andy – p. 193
Highway to Heaven – p. 194
Pendulum of Life – p. 196
Chapter 13: Lodge of the Great Manitou
Cosmic Door in the Sky – p. 254 (NDE related)
Chapter 16: Near-Death Visions of Souls Seeking Birth
Cross-Cultural Parallel – p. 291
All Pervading Master Vibration Experiences – p. 303
Chapter 17: Circle of Life – Buddhist and Yogic Inter-life Realms
Cross-Cultural Parallel – p. 313
Chapter 18: Soul’s Orbit: Western Perspectives on Inter-Life Realms
Golden Bough – p. 326 (NDE related)
Journey to the Nether World – p. 326 (NDE related)
Souls of the Future – p. 328 (NDE related)
Chapter 19: Indigenous Journeys
Cross-Cultural Parallel – p. 346
Chapter 20: Bridge of Angel hair: Near-Death Visions of the World of Souls,
A String of Babies – p. 357
Cross-Cultural Parallels – p. 357
Plato’s Myth of Er – p. 359
Er’s Journey to the Land of Cosmic Contracts – p. 360
Shooting Stars from the Banks of Lethe – p. 362
Moral of Er’s NDE – p. 363
Near-Death Vision of Thespesius – p. 364
Cross-Cultural Parallel – p. 366
Chapter 21: Souls Signing their Cosmic Contracts
Communities of Like-Minded Souls – p. 379
Chapter 23: The Path of Suffering
Universal Teachings – p. 413
Deja Vu – p. 415
The Uniqueness of Human Life – p. 416
Cross-Cultural Parallel – p. 418
Chapter 25: Alternate Destinies
Human Body-A Precious Gift – p. 450
Chapter 26: The Illusion of Forgetfulness
River of Forgetfulness – p. 473
Chapter 28: Footprints in Heaven: Contemporary Gifted Memory
Path of Thorns, Smell of Roses – p. 511 (Glen)
A Million Stars – p. 518 (Sage)
Falling to Earth – p. 522 (Katarina)
Vortex of Creation – p. 528 (Lorenzo)
Chapter 33: Overcoming Spiritual Amnesia
Angelic Visitation – p. 616 (Lania)
Chapter 34: Angels in the Never-Ending Schoolhouse
Awakening in Childhood – p. 631 (Beverly)
I Saw All My Costumes – p. 640 (Beverly)
Sojourn Through the Amniotic Darkness – p. 647 (Beverly)

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