Mystical Side of Souls Seeking Birth


Most of us have been taught “myths” about babies, whether they are still in the womb or are newborns. Western culture treats “babies” as pre-human or subhuman creatures not yet equipped with a brain capable of experiencing pain.

But even before conception, unborn children are conscious beings who choose parents. We are receiving more and more reports from parents who receive messages from a child seeking birth as well as children who innocently tell parents how and why they chose them.

There is a realm of Love and Light where unborn children, invisible to “normal” human senses, are waiting in the wings for human birth. The unborn child is a conscious, telepathic being. It sees in 360-degree vision. It can see and sense far more than we think is possible. They can communicate telepathically before conception and while in the womb.

Learn more about Spirit-babies scanning earth to find parents! Listen to this interview with Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Authors of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.