My Journey from Heaven to Earth

Mandy: I’ve always had these memories. As a tiny child I told those closest to me.

My memory of what I will call “Heaven” is very simple. I was looking down at planet Earth from somewhere that felt like Home. I can’t remember seeing anything around me. I was far enough from Earth that I could see the whole planet, but near enough to see the oceans and the landmasses. I was very aware that that was where I would be going.

There was somebody just to my left, a loving and authoritative figure, and I’ve always felt it was God. He felt higher as if I were sitting and he was standing. He was talking to me without words. He told me, “You are about to be born on earth.”

I understood what he meant as though I had done this before.

It was like a briefing, but done with sensitivity and love. I felt I was leaving for a mission.

I asked, “What do I have to do?”

He said, “You will know when you find it.”

As a toddler and for many years after, I would lie in my bed and place the palm of my hand against the cold wall (no central heating then). I did this because I didn’t feel properly locked into my body, as if a door had been left ajar. I didn’t mind the cold wall against my hand because it made me feel grounded and more at one with my body and planet Earth.

I am 47 now and through many life experiences, many of which are spiritual stories of their own, I am growing spirituality and know that one day I will be going back there, back Home.

Kirk: I was in this super bright room that seemed endless. There was a voice talking. I told him I wanted to be born around this time and said I wanted this lady to be my mother.

He told me that it was going to be tough growing up during that time with her.

I agreed because I wanted to be put to the test and be born as a male. I was born in 1989.

James: I recall being in a great light white area surrounded by what I will call baby souls. We were waiting in line to go down to our parents.

The larger soul next to me reminded me as I was ready to ‘pop’ down to Earth, “You will not be living your life with the mother you were looking at, but I promise that you will be very happy with where you are ultimately going.”

I felt very sad. I jumped down after he tapped me on the right shoulder.

I went down fully knowing I wasn’t going to remain with the lady who gave birth to me.

I am adopted and I knew before my birth that I was going to be with another set of parents.

LeaAnn: I remember coming down through a tunnel of colors, like a rainbow of colors.

Within seconds of reaching the base of the tunnel, I was taken back up through the rainbow of colors, back to what felt like home or love.

Then again, I was taken back down through the tunnel.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my mother told me that I had been stillborn, then revived.

Tom: When I was 2 or 3, I would randomly speak about my prebirth memories.

I told Mom: “I was watching you and I knew you were going to be my mother. I was with Jesus in the corner of the kitchen. I saw you and a mean man yelling at my older brother and sister.

“I asked Jesus, ‘Is he going to be my father?’ and he replied, ‘No, I am going to make him go away and you will have a different father.’”

As it turned out, my mother had 2 children in an abusive first marriage. Mom remarried and I am the only one of my siblings with a different father.