“Mommy, I know what God looks like!”

Seldom do people stop to think that they might be actors who chose a script for the earthly drama.

AN ANCIENT PARABLE from India explains that no soul enters three-dimensional form without a plan for the experience ahead. At the time of our creation, each soul decides:

“I choose to be free.” “So be it,” answered the Supreme Voice, who holds us by a shining cord, “but you will experience suffering. Pride will seduce you. And you will know death.”

“I must contend with death to conquer life,” the soul responds. So God loosens the shining cord from our bosom, and we venture forth to make mistakes, suffer the consequences, and thereby grow in strength, wisdom, and stature.

This story encapsulates teachings from Africa, Indonesia, Borneo, North America, Australia, Gnosticism, as well as individuals who are born with recollections of their previous existence in Spirit: every soul selects parents, children, spouses, lesson plans, spiritual paths, guardian angels, and coordinates birth time with historical events. Human life is a purposeful experience.

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