Can Miscarried or Aborted Babies Come Back?

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Four-year-old Dorothy said, “Last time when I was 4 inches long and in your tummy, Daddy wasn’t ready to marry you yet, so I went away.

But then, I came back.”

Can a miscarried soul reincarnate?

Could little Dorothy possibly be remembering a real situation that occurred before birth?

Pre-birth research goes beyond-the-five-normal-senses to discover an answer to this question. Spiritual experiences reveal the “behind-the-scenes” activities related to the mundane and seemingly unrelated experiences of our lives. We need to look into the world of the soul.

One source to consider is the memories of children who are much too young to have been privy to their mother’s previous miscarriage or abortion:

A little girl is sitting on the kitchen floor playing with her doll, while Mom is preparing dinner.

Out of the blue, the little girl looks up at Mom and says: “Mom, remember when I was in your tummy but you were too young to have me and so you went to this place and they took me out of your tummy?”

Mom nearly dropped what she was holding, because her teenage abortion was a major family secret that certainly was not shared with her daughter.

A few minutes later, the little girl looked back up to her Mom with a big smile and said: “I am so glad I could come back again to be your little girl!”


Children’s minds are still forming, and they have not yet internalized the normative behaviors or quelling of their  enthusiasm for sharing things exactly how they perceive them.

Sara shares her miscarriage story:
“I had a miscarriage at 18. My daughter was born 4 years later. One day when she was about 2 years old, she overheard me telling my friend about the miscarriage.

She came up and hugged me and said, ‘But I came back!’”

Many mothers share an unknown yet private bond in the tales of their children, who proclaim to have returned to this existence after leaving it beforehand.

Dr. Gladys McGarey’s book, Born to Live, tells the story of a patient:
This mother had a 4-year-old daughter, named Dorothy, whom she would take out to lunch occasionally.

They were talking about this and that, and the child would shift from one subject to another, when Dorothy suddenly said, “The last time I was a little girl, I had a different mommy!”

Then she started talking in a different language, which her mother tried to record.

Dorothy continued, “But that wasn’t the last time. Last time when I was 4 inches long and in your tummy, Daddy wasn’t ready to marry you yet, so I went away. But then, I came back.”

Then the child went back to chatting about 4-year-old matters.

The mother was silent. No one but her husband, the doctor, and she had known this, but she had become pregnant about 2 years before she and her husband were ready to get married.

She decided to have an abortion. She was ready to have the child, but her husband-to-be was not.

When the two of them did get married and were ready to have their first child, the same entity made its appearance.

The little child was saying, in effect, “I don’t hold any resentments toward you for having the abortion. I understand. I know why it was done, and it’s okay. So, here I am again. It was an experience. I learned from it and you learned from it, so now, let’s get on with the business of life.”

When a loss is suffered, often the parents hide their pain, and feel that it’s something to try and put out of their minds if and when they conceive again later. However, there is a possibility that subsequent babies after a loss may well be those same souls, coming back to Earth in a different vessel.

Spirit Baby Communicator, Kate Street explains:

“If you’ve suffered a miscarriage (or even an abortion or still-born), it was the loss of a body and NOT the loss of a soul.

That baby can and will MOST LIKELY come back in a subsequent pregnancy if you want. (This one is so important and the Spirit Babies REALLY want you to know this so there is less suffering.)

“For frame of reference, I had two miscarriages before my son Finn was born and I KNOW he was the same soul in all those pregnancies.

These days Finn comes up with stories on why he chose to go away and then come back later. He simply tells me that he had some last minute details to work out with his guides and angels, as well as his friends who were incarnating with him at the same time.

To this day, he’s still a homebody, preferring not to leave home unless he absolutely has to. He also tells me of some dark forces who tried to prevent some of the new children from coming to Earth at this time. Every time he talks about such things I’m completely rapt.”

Further insight into this topic comes from sensitive mothers, like Lisbeth, who have communications with the souls of unborn children after an abortion.

In this case, we can call Lisbeth’s experience “after-death communication”:

“I aborted two souls many years ago and they both came back to me (together, holding hands, a boy and a girl) to tell me that they understood why I did what I did and that it was all part of the plan.

“It was truly wonderful and so healing for me. They told me they loved me, then turned and walked away, still holding hands.

“I never saw them again. I still remember that experience like it was yesterday. I had just finished doing yoga and way lying on the floor and then, there they were. I knew exactly who they were.

“What struck me the most was the love I felt from them. Gives me goose bumps just writing about it!”

Lisbeth gained the insight that abortion is not a life-or-death issue for the Spirit Baby. Unborn children already know they are eternal beings having a temporary human experience. So death isn’t such a “big deal” to a Spirit Baby or unborn Soul.

The foregoing reports may help us in removing our blinders concerning this dicey topic. Clearly, more is going on than our human senses can perceive during these events.

What can pre-birth research teach us about why a loss happens in the first place? There are no hard-and-fast rules here. No single explanation could begin to account for every failed pregnancy. Each incarnating soul is unique. Yet, when viewed from a broader perspective, even these painful events can be understood as being part of a greater plan rather than accidental.

Time is, after all, an illusion – and all moments are one in the same, happening simultaneously. Likewise, our spirits share a bond of oneness with every other soul, whether incarnated or not – and so the loss of a body, or a missed opportunity to incarnate, is of little consequence from the vantage point of a soul’s ultimate journey.

A miscarriage may be something both mother and baby agreed to go through while they were planning out their lifetimes. Perhaps they needed the experience to learn certain lessons, balance karma, or prepare for a larger, future task.


Kate Street emphasizes the hidden gifts of her two miscarriages:


“I know for me, the miscarriages also helped accelerate my spiritual growth and pre-birth communication abilities. The experiences gave me the ability to empathize with other women who are going through this and need comfort.”

Whenever a pregnancy ends in loss, for any reason – we can do well to look “outside the veil” to more fully understand the unfolding of events triggered by a miscarriage or abortion.  Instead of regarding a life as a singular event, we can choose to look at it as an endless pattern of being, a pattern of exchange.

When we define prenatal loss as “bad,” our judgment is based in our limited, albeit powerful, experience of the here and now.

Instead, we can allow a more expansive picture to encompass our perception of this world; the pre-birth realm; as well as past, present, and future.


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