Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that!

Dennis: Prebirth memories have been with me my entire life. I always felt homesick, the feeling of knowing I had had to leave wherever I was before birth and come to earth.

My memories go back to floating alongside a wise guide and observing the earth. I heard the “pleas” coming from people on earth who needed help!

I said, “These people can help themselves!”
It was like “if they only knew what happens after death they would be happier and live there lives different” type feeling, it felt like the pleas were happening in real-time just before I was born.

My guide said, “Life on earth is very hard, and you are about to learn that. Every human on this planet needs to know something very important before they can ascend completely.”

“Why don’t you just send someone to earth who remembers this place, and he can tell everyone?”

“They have attempted that. Humans cannot fully believe the word of one man.”

I did not want to come. I was forced here to learn a lesson.

My guide gave me a choice of a hard or easy life. The harder the life, the more growth my soul would make.

By choosing a hard life, my guide and I were aware of the implications and consequences: there was a real possibility of failing.

So, I refused to choose.

“I will be homesick. I do not want to leave”

“It will only be for 60 to 70 years. When you sleep, you can visit ‘home.’”

My Guide showed me my parents at their wedding. I remember a drunken uncle falling into the wedding cake (verified years later).

When my guides were showing me my future, that future was like forecasting weather, very accurate in the near future, but things are less set in stone the farther out you look.

My guides said there’s some type of “fork in the road” moment for humanity and I believe that’s coming very soon. I had this strange feeling right before covid hit and I told my sister, “something big is coming in the world!”

Then 2 months later covid got mentioned on TV for the first time. Covid-Ukraine— these are going to be precursors to some event. I can feel it in a strange way that I was put here to experience it.

Charlie: A group of advanced guides said to me, (telepathy) “Hurry up, its your turn. This is the last chance!”

I wanted to wait more, but I had to go.

My guides were surrounding a type of floating sphere. I reluctantly obeyed and went to them.

I looked down and remember the feeling of the word “mother.”
I thought, “Oh, this is sad. But I have to do this to get where I ultimately want to be.”

I felt okay with it. I knew this was one of many times, and hopefully this time would be better. Then I went fast via light—like being downloaded (probably to my body).

I have complete conscious awareness of infancy and knew that I could not walk or talk yet.

One time I was in my crib and I was wet and cold. I had to get the attention of my parents who were still strangers that I had to get to know.

I forced myself to cry. When Dad came into my room, I thought, “Oh, no! I wanted the other one. She knows what to do better!”

Dad merely came in and rubbed my head. I thought, “If you would only change my diaper, I would go right back to sleep!”

We have many lives. How else could I as an infant have fully formed adult-type thinking? I was under 8 months old when that happened. I confirmed my memory with Dad when I was 4. I described my bedroom as an infant. Dad was astounded. We had moved out of that home when I was 8 months old. I had never seen pictures of it.

Angela: I was excited to be born here. My guides and I were discussing my birth plan. Then they urged me to go immediately.

I didn’t know what I was diving into. It was like I jumped into a hole that seemed too small and when I came out on the other side, I was descending onto the earth. And it was beautiful. I was excited to get started and see more of the world.