Last Trip to Earth

Brian: Before I came back to Earth, I remember being in a huge, white marble building. Two angels with bright, glowing faces escorted me to a large, thick, heavy BOOK sitting atop a marble bookstand/podium. This BOOK was the feature of the whole room.

The angels explained, ‘This BOOK contains all the written wisdom of ALL LIFE.”

The pages turned without any hands touching it. The BOOK itself was alive.

I was taken from there, out from the Heavenly City, to an area in space located just outside of Earth. I was floating out in the Universe/Heaven in the form of a light sphere. The view of Earth was amazing and beautiful.

I was with thousands of souls, spheres of light, lined up’ for birth ~ like lining up to get on a roller coaster ride. Some could not wait to dive in, but I was anxious to back out and stay off the ride. We all communicated telepathically. There was no way to hide how any of us felt internally.

While I was in line, my angels advised, “You have done very well up to now, but you have more to learn. You must return to Earth for one last time. You have a choice between two potential mothers. One mother is in Australia and the other is in Africa.”

I would like to share what I saw heard and felt when my guardian angel brought me down to the home of an Australian family. I was shown a woman struggling with her alcoholic, controlling, violent husband. I witnessed her being assaulted in the kitchen.

Next I was taken to the bathroom where two children were running a bath. They were petrified saying, “Just get in the bath so we don’t get into trouble.”

I felt their fear.

I was then taken back into the living room. I felt this lady’s nature. I had a knowing, “This is a great lady!”

I said, “I want this lady to be my mom!”

I was conceived that night. The next thing I knew, I was placed in my mom’s womb…..

Jasmine: I remember before being born. I remember that golden/light realm and its different levels.

I also saw my Mum with my siblings before I was born. I decided to be born into that family at the time.

When I was in the womb, I remember looking out of Mum’s body and watching people move around us and sensing their emotions. During wombtime, I also had flashes of past lives (not on earth).

I’ve been very in tune since young and a little psychic and empathic. As a child, I knew of other dimensions and the existence of other beings, etc. I’ve had extremely spiritual dreams and also dreams of other entities.

I definitely chose a challenging life/childhood, but I’m grateful for my experiences that were hard and traumatic. That put me on the path of compassion at a very young age, and towards awakening more and more. I love this journey. So much to learn and wonder about.

I’ve only told my husband and since then I’ve come across more people sharing this same experience.

Sylvia: I don’t remember coming from the light, but I always “knew,” even as a small child, that this is where I was before.

When I was a child, I often lamented, “Mom, I want to be back ‘there’ so bad! I talked about going back ‘there’, wherever that was!”

This could have been a “made-up” world, but it felt too real, so vivid. It was so beautiful, just pure nature, with a clear sparkling lake, trees, and most of all the feeling of peace everywhere. I mourned for it so much. I still want to be there again. I’m waiting to return.

Lumi: It is almost impossible to describe my prebirth memory. I was with others in a pure love suspension and excited about this life we were going to experience.

I remember choosing my parents. I remember being around my parents as they were courting and in love. One day, I validated my memory to my dad. I had my dad write down around a time of day, what lake, what color the rowboat was, the colors of the water lilies growing, etc.

I too wrote down my memories.

When we compared notes, they all matched up.

Claire: I remember when my mom could understand me telepathically. But later as a baby, it frustrated me when she couldn’t understand me anymore.

For example, I remember Mom teaching me to walk. I tried to communicate telepathically, “Come over and pick me up.”
However, Mom couldn’t understand and kept encouraging me, “Stand up and walk to me.”

I felt frustrated. I figured, “If I have the thought of where I want to go, I will be there, without effort.”

In my mind’s eye, I remembered a place where everything was white, or light. There were no physical burdens. It was frustrating to need to learn how to move my physical body and to speak words. Once I learned how to walk and talk, the frustration mostly went away, but I’ve always remembered that moment when Mom was teaching me to walk.

Deb: I remember the moments right after birth – being inside my “skin suit” looking at people, and wondering, “How on Earth do I use this silly vehicle [the body)?”

It was awkward, and people were making noises, and I knew that was their language and I was going to have to learn it. That was such a frustrating time.