I remember my soul’s journey from Source

Diane: I remember Source. It was the most amazing bright light. Source doesn’t have the same edges as we have here when we are in a body. It has a definition, but the edges are very different. I remember the immense radiance and the specific colors. And when you are in that place of that light, it is all encompassing; it is everything.

The love at Source is so pure and strong; we think it will be the same when we get down here. I have kept that memory lively; I go back to that when I do my healing work. I go back to that memory of All That Is, All That Is One, and the Source of All of us.

Lania: Why did my mother physically and emotionally abuse me?

The answer depends upon how you view being physical. If you see life as being real, it makes no sense. However, if you recognize life as an illusion – like a movie that you create and then step into – it makes perfect sense. From that perspective, these were things that I had set up before I came into this body. I set up the hurdles that I needed to jump over in order to learn how to validate myself, trust others, speak out, and know that I was only responsible for myself. I wanted to come back to Truth.

Nan: I observed, as if looking down through a glass ceiling, the lovemaking of a woman and her husband, who arrived home for lunch wanting sex without contraception.

Going with the flow, I leaped at the chance to be born. As an adult, I asked my mother if my conception occurred at lunch in the bathroom. My mother confirmed every detail with great anger and embarrassment.