I recall the special process, or divine infusion.

Lorenzo Caravella:

“I cannot pinpoint when my soul entered my mother’s womb; however, I recall the special process, or divine infusion, that took place as my soul infused with the “matter body” or “matter-being” [the fetus] in the womb. The connection was made in the initial spark of self-love. We cannot be born without self-love, without self-acceptance.

“The soul has a contract with the matter being, i.e., the union of egg and sperm, so that it can fulfill its life’s lessons in that particular body. The soul brings parallel life memory and karma on the soul level with it; the ‘matter-being’ [physical body] brings genetic memory and karma on the physical level with it.”

Lorenzo is the author of Mouth of God, Your Cosmic Contract.
Read the rest of Lorenzo’s memories in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth by authors Elizabeth and Neil Carman, PhD