I know where I was before I came here!

Is it possible to remember a spiritual existence before this earthly incarnation? Some people grew up with these memories intact and shared them with their parents as children.

Tim: “I remember where I was before I was born: I was ‘Home.’ I loved everyone deeply and knew they loved me the same. We are all Souls traveling, coming and going. That place is Home for all of us. I met my Spiritual Guide before birth. I was lying in the grass under a tree in this heavenly world. I was thinking about the thrill of coming into the physical world. I knew without any doubt, that after this life, I would stay back Home for good. I felt a sigh of relief.

“I reflected on past lives like flipping through 3-D images in a Rolodex file. With each blink of my eyes, I saw one life after another: ‘bam, bam, bam.’ I thought, ‘Oh, I remember that,’ or ‘Oh, there’s that possession I missed.’

“I suddenly stood up and told my Guide, ‘I’ll do it.’

“Next thing I knew, I was slammed into Mom’s belly. I felt the physical world—loud gushing sounds, heartbeat, and bowel tones. I yelled, ‘I want to go back; I don’t want to do this again.’ I moved around and jerked. This may be when Mom first felt me kick. I squirmed until a familiar voice said, ‘It is all right. I’m right here.’ I said, ‘Where? I can’t see you.’ My Spirit Guide said, ‘I’ll be right here.’ I calmed down. I trusted him!”

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