A Peek at the Highest Potential of LOVE


Did E.P. recall his past life “after-death journey” up the Tunnel of Light followed by an immediate descent back down the Tunnel for rebirth?

E.P. did not need a long period between one life and the next – just enough to get a peek at the highest LOVE and the Soul’s potential.

E.P.’s pre-birth memory is more real than anything that has happened in his life of forty years. Not only is it his earliest memory, it happened before his Soul entered his body. He has thought about it “from age zero” and not a day goes past when he does not think about it. He recalls how he desired to return there when he was three. And he has intrinsically known that it “happened” long before that.

E.P. remembers drifting up a wide, vast, lit, (white) Tunnel. Other Beings were also ascending upward, although further away. When he arrived near the top, he observed hundreds of beautiful, angelic faces all around the edge of the circular tunnel peering down at him.

The sense of LOVE was indescribable. This is a large understatement. He felt an irresistible urge to be with them.

A “boundary” seemed to be the top of Tunnel, or just above it. E.P. could not advance further.

The Angels were positioned in tiers, similar to theater balcony rows. The “absolute awe, power, love, joy, whiteness (Light), humility is off the scale.” Multiply the most love you have ever felt by the most infinite number – “to the ‘power of’, even”– and you will not even be close. Language cannot describe this kind of LOVE. It must be directly experienced. What E.P. recalls most is the sensation of wanting to be accepted by these Beings and to be with them. He did not feel as pure as these Angels; they were ‘higher,’ but they loved him; in fact, they loved everything and everyone. E.P. sensed that the Angelic Beings understood him; he was in awe of them. He felt small, very humble (again an understatement).

E.P. then met with a Divine Being, or interacted with a Voice clearly of mystical or unearthly origin. He was not allowed to remember what took place.

The upshot was: E.P. had to return down the Tunnel. This was a big blow. He became angry, sad, and disappointed. “I was sent back” against my will. No choice on my part.”

E.P. has thought about this memory every day of his life: “I can’t deny it any more than I can deny that I exist.” E.P. has a logical, scientific mind, and has “rationalized this memory to death. Be aware that this memory has not changed in the slightest. It hasn’t ‘grown’ any more in my mind since the time it happened. Nothing has been added.”

E.P. wonders how can a three-year-old child – “in fact a lot younger because I’ve always had this memory”– come into contact with an account of such an experience, comprehend it, and memorize it? And how do you implant the immense emotions attached to the arriving and leaving of such a place?”

E.P. does not desire to experience another human birth. His biggest fear is that “I won’t be able to stay again next time, even if I get to the same place.” So E.P. wonders, “How am I doing? Am I making mistakes? What do I have to do?” He doesn’t want to come back because he didn’t live life correctly or didn’t measure up.

E.P.’s only desire is to return to that Ultraterrestrial World:

“When you’ve experienced the absolute Joy, Love, Happiness – all off the scale by an infinite factor – you don’t want anything but that.”


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