Is Heaven a Memory?

A souls remembers its lost paradise...

“Where do I come from?” and “Where will I go after death?”

Many religions, philosophers, poets, and indigenous peoples give the same answer to these questions.

A few examples from our pre-birth research on indigenous peoples follow.

Lakota (North America): Grandfather summons a man and woman before they descend to Earth: “You are going to make a long journey; do the best you can. You will return and be asked about how your journey fared.” 

Baoulé (West Africa): departed Souls return to the “Village of Truth,” where everyone knows ultimate truth and deception is unthinkable.

West Africa: Three groups of people live in every village. First were those you could see – walking around, eating, sleeping, and working. Second were the ancestors whom Grandma Yaisa had now joined. The third people are those waiting to be born. 

Caribs (Venezuela): Louquo, the first human, descended from the sky home and returned after reproducing numerous off- spring. His descendants ascend to the heavens and become stars after death.

Our earthbound journey emerges from a world of transparent light and timelessness. The voyage down to Earth is part of a sojourn through heavenly dwellings of the Creator.

When seen as a whole picture, birth is a cosmic event, a fantastic voyage charted to a blue pearl called Earth.

Souls consciously or unconsciously pine to return to that paradise from where we have been temporarily exiled. Sooner or later, each wanderer returns Home because all Souls are part of that Source.

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