Education Begins in the Womb

Our earliest teacher is the mother. pregnancy is a time of education - for education begins in the womb.
– Rousseau

The prenatal stage requires at least as much attention as postnatal development.

Humanity’s future depends upon the education of children. And this education must begin from the moment of conception in the baby’s first classroom.

The expectant mother is her child’s principal instructor even before the baby leaves the womb.

A child learns and recalls even what is heard while in the womb. The most important education for the child is impressions created in the womb (womb impressions).

According to ancient scriptures and scientific research, the fetus registers everything that the mother goes through — mental, emotional, physical, etc. It registers everything in the form of impressions that form the basis of life.

The fetus registers what makes the mother happy and what brings her unhappiness.

True education is character building that begins with conception and continues throughout pregnancy. Once out of the womb, the child learns about concrete concepts and experiences.

However, the foundation of human character is laid in the womb, through the pregnancy tenure.


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