I remember life before birth

Nora: I have a memory of pre-life. Anytime I tried to tell anyone about it, they thought I am crazy or it was just a dream. But this memory never felt like a dream.

I remember what felt like flying but not with wings, just very fast forward movement through space as an energy form. I heard beautiful music and saw colored lights/energy as I was moving/flying through space. I was at peace.

Then I saw earth from space and said, “Oh, how beautiful!” I was so impressed. It took my breath away. I came to a sudden stop because I could not take my gaze away from it— like I was in a trance.

I knew that I was going to go there, but I don’t remember if I choose this or how it happened.

I have clear memory of another being, a guide, speaking to me with a deep male voice, powerful and loving.

I complained that I didn’t want to look the way I was going to look. I asked for a different body. He told me, almost like he was annoyed, “It must be like this. Don’t you understand/remember why?”

Like a child who did not get what they wanted, but knows better, I told him, “I understand why, but I am not happy about it.”

I was also embarrassed for complaining. I did not want him to be mad or disappointed in me. I felt like this being was a little annoyed with me for complaining, but relieved/happy that I seemed to understand why it had to be this way.

At the time, I think that I did understand, but I cannot remember now why it mattered. I wish I could!

I sped so fast toward earth as a light/energy form feeling so excited. If I had a body, I would have been smiling ear to ear. I was full of joy and anticipation and gratitude.

I remember clearly thinking/saying, “I am going to rock this!”as if I knew I had a purpose or mission that I felt so confident in achieving and that I was so ready for.

But now I have no idea what that mission is/was.

My last part of the memory was diving and entering so fast into earth and so much bright white light that it blocked out my vision. Then boom, everything else is faded/gone from my memory.

Sometimes when life gets really low and I am struggling at my worst, I feel a strong desire for my guide’s comfort or direction, almost like being homesick, but it is not a place I am missing—it is my guide.

I will beg for a sign or just comfort, “Please tell me why. Why are things the way they are? What am I supposed to be doing?”

I don’t know what this my memory is, but it is so crazy/cool that others have similar memories of seeing earth before birth and conversing with other beings/guides.


Yuliya: I can’t explain my memory. It has not disappeared over the years. I have remembered my entire life. I am 30 years old. When I was a child, I told my mom about my memory. she told me, “This is called a dream.”

I remember being in a special place, all white, and brightness everywhere. I was with a crowd of children playing together. We knew something amazing was going to happen and we each waited for our turn.

Finally it was my turn. A gentle adult man greeted me. I left my friends knowing that we would meet again someday and continue our game.

The man showed me a sort of a table with window. Through that portal, I could see a blue ball (earth).

He gave me 2 choices.

1. I could be born in a place where I would have everything I need. It would be a “normal” life. It sounded very boring.

2. The second choice was to be born in a different place on the same planet. He told me, “This life won’t be easy; it will be difficult, but you can cross the wide water and there you can do something really great.”

He did not tell me more details and I was not looking for more details. Just the fact that I would do something great excited me.

And I know the decision that I made.

Next I remember the light of a lamp. It might have been the light in the hospital where I was born. That memory stayed in my mind.

In my life, I have made a lot of diverse choices. I knew in advance that some were not going to work because my destiny was not in those places.

Finally I chose to cross the ocean. My life has not been easy, but it is not at all boring! I still don’t know what is meaning of accomplishing something “great.” Am I am already doing it? I do things great, but is this the greatest?

I have an impression, that once I finally do it, I can leave this life with no problem at all!


Alyssa: I remember floating in space and looking down on the Earth. I was in space with other beings waiting in line. I didn’t understand what we were waiting in line for.

I say beings because I can’t explain what they looked like. They did not look human.

I was greeted by a guide who simply said, “You’re next” and I slowly started moving to the Earth.

I don’t remember anything past that.

I always thought it was a dream until I realized it felt too real to be a dream. I researched it and I found people with similar memories and a few were exactly like mine. That completely freaked me out.

I still don’t understand how I can remember something like that when I can’t remember what I ate for dinner the previous night lol.


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