Diving Into My Body

"What a strange, separate place this is!" Part of our job on Earth is to recall and reaffirm our sense of Oneness, connection to All That Is.

“It was clear to me this was ‘now where I was’ – like, I knew it was a new reality or life experience – but I was still shocked to learn how separate things were here!” 

Yes, we realize pretty early on how separate we are from everyone else here…usually so early that we can’t recall it ever being different.

Part of our purpose here is to reconnect and reintegrate into the “bigger picture” of universal oneness.

Did our souls look for parents when we were seeking birth?

Christian: “When I was young, less than 5 years old, I distinctly recalled prebirth memories. At the time, it seemed natural to me that I had these memories from before I came to this reality. The following is difficult to describe, but here goes..

“I recall experiencing a pre-birth waiting period, and then subsequently reviewing a vast mental ‘flow chart’ of my new life. I had a deep sense of what this life would be like, how long it would feel like when I was in it (it was going to feel very long!), how I might experience different stages, and how likely it was that I might experience certain events.

“I remember being very excited about the life. I do not recall actually deciding to accept it, but I do remember being instructed clearly to ‘dive in’ (to the body?) with all my energy, with full commitment, in order to have the proper connection.

“I had the sense that in a past attempt I failed to ‘dive in’ properly, having hesitated due to the strange sensation of becoming immersed in it, and that I had learned a lesson in that previous failure.

“So I did dive in this time with all my energy committed, and as I did so, I remember a vast bubble that can only be described as a ‘veil’ or a ‘black space of restricted knowing’ coming over me.

“It was extremely strange, uncomfortably strange, and I remember responding in fear.

“I recall trying with all my might to leap back out: I couldn’t do  so, but then I felt a great sense of ‘Am-ness’ for a brief moment, almost as if to calm me, telling me ‘this is still what you are.’

“Later, when I was a young child I would occasionally try to draw upon the ‘flow chart’ memory to see what I should expect, though my ability to do so greatly diminished as I aged.

“Also one other memory on a related note:

“When I was three and four years old, I distinctly remember expecting that others could feel the emotion that I was experiencing, as though this was a natural ability for everyone. One day I was dancing to music for a house guest, and they walked away un-impressed.

“At that moment it dawned on me that she could not feel what I was experiencing, and it was a huge realization of what a strange place I was now in!”


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