Did your soul ask to be born or did you have no choice?

Did your soul’s journey began before birth, or even before conception?

Did your soul ask to be born or did you have no choice?

Who are you? Where did you come from?

We have interviewed children and adults who “naturally” remember birth, womb-time, conception. In fact, some memories go back to before conception, before identifying with a physical body. They remember existing as pure soul!

It is natural to be skeptical about prebirth memories. Indeed our educational systems have taught us that we need a physical brain and body in order to think, experience anything, or even exist.

In addition, even though everyone goes through a prebirth planning process, in most cases, memories are wiped out just before birth.

Yet, for whatever reason, the “veil is lifted” for a minority. In some of these cases, children retain memories til the age of 7 or so. Even fewer retain them into adulthood.

Here are a few examples:

Lia: I recall life before birth. I was in a otherworldly city with tall buildings. The material was cloud-like.

We were not overly emotional there. We felt we could solve all problems with math. We could look at every scenario and solve it even if you chose a life where it was horrible.

This memory came to me as a vision when I was 3 years old. I know my age because it happened before my grandfather died when I was 4.

We were able to choose what world we would go to, earth being one of the worst or hardest. When it came time to leave our spiritual world, we previewed different earthly lives that we could choose. We stuck our head in the clouds and like a movie reel came through, each square was a complete life from beginning to end.

There was a lot of us energy or souls coming to earth. When we chose our lives, holy or divine beings standing behind us told us, “You will not remember anything about where you came from.”

I said. “Yes, I will!”

They said, “No, you cannot.”

I said, “Well, I’m taking this moment right here right now with me…whether you like it or not.”

Then we started traveling thru all of our wormholes. sudden we started having overwhelming feelings like fear, excitement, sadness, worry, happiness.

Then, boom! I was in the womb. I immediately felt regret for coming. I felt panic. I was losing myself. I was losing my memory and intelligence and felt so much fear. I can only imagine what a person with Alzheimer’s feels like.

I thought, “I’m becoming stupid. I’m forgetting.”

Then, boom! I was born. I saw the doctor. Coming out was painful. It hurt so bad. my lungs hurt and burned with the first breath just like when you run hard for so long.

I have predicted births, deaths, events. When I was a child, I thought everyone was able to have this ability. When I became a teen, I was in fear of my gift. I pushed it aside, but it came back stronger than ever.

I finally realized it was my memory.

I have many stories that I don’t share because most people would think I am crazy.

Bonnie: I am 68 years old. I remember being born. Many friends and siblings have dismissed my memories as fiction. I have forgotten some specific details over time, but retain the essence of the event.

I remember being in a warm dark place. Then something was pushing me. I was being squeezed very hard and felt like I was being crushed.

Then everything stopped and I was not moving anymore.

After some time, the crushing stopped and I felt cold and a bright light was above me. I saw a doctor with a shiny disk on his head.

This fits with the fact that my mother had a difficult birth with me and almost died.

Jorge: These memories are true folks. When I was a child, they were more vivid and clear; they have become clouded over after 55 years.

I recall being in a line of others waiting to be incarnated. No one wanted to go because they didn’t want to leave. But we understood this was more of a “duty” or mission that needed to be fulfilled in order to be closer to God once the mission was complete. I was assured by God that He would always be with me.

I was given the choice of a very wealthy family or a lower, middle class family. I chose the lower, middle class family because there was going to be substantially more to learn with that choice.

I looked down and saw my parents and their home. When I acknowledged being ready, I heard “applause” and celebration.

In an instant, I was struggling in fluid being born.

These memories stayed with me after being born. I was frustrated that I had no way to communicate it as an infant.