Why Would A Soul Choose Abusive Parents?

Why would someone choose abusive parents?Lania recalls life in the womb:

“My nineteen-year-old mother got married to a man in his forties in order to get away from her parents. She was diabolical and could fly into a rage at any moment.

“I sensed these emotions and drama, manipulations, forcefulness, and intensity the moment I entered the womb.

“I felt such abject terror, total contraction, darkness, and fear that I began to forget ‘Home.’

“I felt trapped, annihilated. I did everything I could to stay in the womb.

“I felt overwhelmed. I had no option, no escape hatch!”

“When the nurse brought me to my mother after my birth, I felt a devastating slam of energy.

“I wondered, ‘What am I doing here? Did I make a mistake?’

“I was fully conscious that Mom did not want me.  

“I lost trust in myself. I thought, ‘My choices are bad.’ I wanted to go ‘Home’.

“Earth was not the appropriate place for me. The stork dropped me on the wrong planet!”

Learn why Lania chose her mother and planned her life to be the way it was long before her birth.

Learn who Lania’s mother really is!

Read Lania’s story, “Forgiving My Mother’s Abuse ” in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.


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