Children’s Drawing of the Dimension of Spirit

Has your child ever drawn pictures of the time before they came to birth—wombtime, birth, prebirth (e.g., being with God before choosing parents)?

This is a Japanese child’s drawing of God holding a soul (gold ball of light) and asking: “Which mother do you choose?” The other golden spheres of light circling around are waiting to be born. There is a temple structure to the left.

For well over twenty-five years, the soul’s journey to human birth have fascinated us. The result is in 2000 we published Cosmic Cradle, Souls Waiting in the Wings for Birth, a 760-page compendium of worldwide information about the nature of the soul through the eyes of diverse cultures. Then in 2013, we published Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth adding new insights and stories about the journeys of the soul.

We have shared stories in our first two books primarily of adults born with prebirth memories. In 2019, we published our third book, Babies Are Cosmic, Signs of Their Secret Intelligence with an emphasis on children who  recall 5 types of memories: birth, womb, conception, preconception, and past life. We also present experimental results and clinical observations of 100 researchers and pioneers from birth psychology, developmental psychology, and medicine illuminating the conscious newborn and baby in the womb.
445 endnotes, 270 bibliographical references, 12 illustrations