Children as Messengers

"Before I was born, I lived with the angels!"  pre-birth communication and memory is real!

If we pay close attention to children, we may hear innocent statements about life before coming Earthside. We need to nurture these memories.

Here is what grandmother heard little Susie say one day:

My almost 3-year-old grand-angel said out of the blue,

Jen-ma, before I was born I lived with the Angels. They then took me and put me in my Mummy’s tummy!”

‪Many children, like Susie, are born with natural memories of a “pre-life planning conference.”

That is where the Soul prepares its own destiny before being sent to earth: choosing parents and life circumstances for the spiritual growth that we are seeking.

Most children begin to forget pre-birth memories by the age of 5 once they become more “earthbound” and tainted by worldly stuff through the public school system.

This amnesia that makes us forget so as not to interfere with our daily life.

Occasionally a few people slip through the cracks and spiritually “see” through the veil and remember!

They are the blessed messengers for all the people who don’t remember.

Pre-birth memories motivate all of us to think deeper and to realize who we REALLY are!

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