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My Soul Hovered at Heaven’s Door

Did your child speak to you before he or she was born?  It's not as uncommon as you may think!

Did your child speak to you before he was born? It’s not as uncommon as it might seem!

Emily shares her pre-communication dream when she was 4 months pregnant with her youngest baby:

“I recorded the dream in a journal because it was the most amazing and soul lifting experience I’ve ever had. My entire soul had been so energized by the dream that I was on high for days afterwards! I don’t think it had been a dream, so much, as my own soul traveling to visit his.


Do You Remember Before You Were Born?

I looked down at Earth, this stunning gem in the universe!

Knowing where you came from can change “who you are” and “where you are going.”

Kathy recalls Life before Birth:

“As I floated there, I looked down at this stunning planet, a beautiful gem in the universe. The brightness of the blue against that inky blackness of space was incredible.

“Even with similar planets in the universe, Earth was a prime piece of real estate. I wanted to take the planet into my arms and take care of all humanity. I also wanted to protect it because it seemed so fragile.”


Can the unborn child in the womb think or feel?

When do unborn babies feel and understand things?

When does the fetus develop the 5 senses?

Our materialistic society has trained us to treat “babies” as subhuman creatures not yet equipped with a sufficiently developed brain and the ability to remember!

Much of this thinking goes back to Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Father of Psychoanalysis, who theorized that a child was not mature enough to feel or experience meaningfully until the second or third year of life.

Freud considered any birth memory that came up in analysis to be merely a fantasy constructed by the mind.


“What if I’m sad about being pregnant?”

"I experienced Divine Love like an explosion!"

Barbara gives us a taste of her pre­-birth transformation during pregnancy:

“With my third baby I felt sad and cried when I realized that I was pregnant. In fact that same week I was looking into a getting a tubal ligation because I did not want to be pregnant again.

“I was sad during pregnancy because I knew my baby felt my disappointment and sadness.


Why do Babies Cry At Birth?

A child remembers walking with Jesus before birth.

A toddler recalls being with Jesus before conception, choosing his mother, and his journey to earth.

Christel: “When my son Dylan was three years old, he began to share pre-birth memories of walking with Jesus in the clouds. Dylan said he watched me and told Jesus that I was the one.

“At first I thought, ‘This is just a little one with a big imagination.’

“Then Dylan started to tell me things that were facts: details of what it looks like in the womb and what he experienced during womb-time.


Pre-Birth Revelations Help Prepare Us for Parenthood

"I woke with a start on Sunday at exactly 4 am with a message from a booming voice:  'You will have more children.''"

Pre-birth revelations prepared Aimee for the births of her four children. Here she shares one of her mystical experiences:

“I’m sure you get stories all the time, but the story with our youngest is a good one and I love to share it.

“I was being trained in a hands-off energy work over the course of a weekend and woke with a start on Sunday at exactly 4 am with a message from a booming voice:

“You will have more children.”


Are we Born by Choice?

Are we born by choice?  Can those who have NDEs REVIEW their pre-birth plans?Do we get to choose aspects of our Earthly lives before birth – from what sort of people our parents will be, to having certain experiences along the way? 

Is there any evidence to support that we design our lives ahead of time like someone putting together a stage production – choosing actors, settings, plot points, etc?

Let’s look at evidence from Near Death Experiences (NDEs) of people who say they reviewed the Pre-Birth Planning stage of their life when the veil was lifted their NDE:

DeLynn suffered with cystic fibrosis, an incurable genetic disease. When he shook hands with death, the Heavenly Father explained, “You have suffered as much pain in thirty-seven years as a normal person in seventy-six years. You chose your disease and the amount of pain you would be willing to suffer when you were in a pre-mortal state.”

DeLynn had doubts until he agreed to go back in time to when he made his pre-birth decision.


Does everything in our lives happen the way it does for a specific reason?

An enlightened perspective on death and loss.What are the patterns of interconnectedness between our Souls?

The following is excerpted from Embracing Death:  A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God

By Terri Daniel,  with Danny Mandell – Copyright  2010 –


Family Ties:

In keeping with the idea of soul mates and soul families, this chapter delves more deeply into pre-birth contracts, volunteer agreements and the ways in which everything works interdependently by looking at how our life plans are packaged into scenarios that teach us specific lessons on earth.

I’ve used several examples from my own life, and quote my guides rather extensively here, because they’ve answered my questions with such clarity when I’ve asked about why certain situations happened the way they did.

I’d like to start by sharing some stories from a children’s grief recovery camp where I volunteered for two summers.

The weekend camp is run by our local hospice and is offered free of charge to children in the community who’ve experienced the death of a loved one. Volunteers are specially trained to be compassionate listeners for the children, because many of the kids never had the chance to talk openly about their experiences.

Many of those experiences were incomprehensibly dreadful.


Seed of Blue Light and Birth of the Second Dalai Lama

The mother of the 2nd Dalai Lama saw a blue seed of light enter her belly before she conceived him.The Second Dalai Lama lived from 1475 to 1542AD.

Mankind has been blessed by masters born, who lived miraculous lives among mere mortals.

What is interesting about their beginnings is that there was something outstanding about their conception, birth, or events immediately following birth…

The pre-birth dreams and mystical experiences of Kunga Palmo and her husband Gyaltsen serve as an example from Tibet.

In this way, they were prepared for the birth of a son – the rebirth of the First Dalai Lama:

1. A young boy appeared in Gyaltsen’s dream and said: “The omniscient Gendun Drubpa [First Dalai Lama] will soon come to Yolkar. You should receive him well.”

Gyaltsen saw the first Dalai smiling at him, ablaze with light in a meditation cave.

2. The First Dalai Lama appeared to Gyaltsen in a dream and said: “I have almost completed my retreat. Go to my monastery and collect my robes and monk bowl for me.”

3. Kunga dreamed that a blue radiant light, the size of a sesame seed, entered her womb.


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