Near-death experiences

“I remember when YOU were a baby in heaven, Mom!”

I saw YOU as a baby in heaven, Mom!"

Janelle:  “My six-year-old grandson Chase is almost always smiling. We asked him years ago if he was always happy. He replied, ‘Yes, I am. Why would anybody want to be sad?’ 

“My Grandson was born a preemie…3 lbs. 10 oz! The doctors claim he almost died during the life flight.

“He tells us all about spending time with God, and how God knows everything, but it’s not at all how we learn things!

“Also, none of the pictures he has seen are ‘how Heaven really looks at all!’ 


Are we Born by Choice?

Are we born by choice?  Can those who have NDEs REVIEW their pre-birth plans?Do we get to choose aspects of our Earthly lives before birth – from what sort of people our parents will be, to having certain experiences along the way? 

Is there any evidence to support that we design our lives ahead of time like someone putting together a stage production – choosing actors, settings, plot points, etc?

Let’s look at evidence from Near Death Experiences (NDEs) of people who say they reviewed the Pre-Birth Planning stage of their life when the veil was lifted their NDE:

DeLynn suffered with cystic fibrosis, an incurable genetic disease. When he shook hands with death, the Heavenly Father explained, “You have suffered as much pain in thirty-seven years as a normal person in seventy-six years. You chose your disease and the amount of pain you would be willing to suffer when you were in a pre-mortal state.”

DeLynn had doubts until he agreed to go back in time to when he made his pre-birth decision.


Plato’s Myth of Er

platoWas this a near-death experience?

At the end of Plato’s Republic (written around 400-300 BC), a warrior named Er, who “died” in battle, observed a towering band of light resembling a rainbow, only brighter and purer. It seemed to be a passageway by which souls journey back and forth to Earth. Most western philosophers and other scholars, who lack insights and information from recent discoveries about near-death experiences (NDEs), tend to interpret Er’s experience as only an allegory, yet it offers striking parallels to modern NDE accounts being reported by thousands of people. Today modern researchers are taking a new look at Er’s account by Plato.

Greek culture is filled with stories of healers, oracles, and miracle-workers – the iatromanteis. We even find records of “air-travellers” who knew how to leave their bodies at will in order to visit celestial worlds and remote earthly locations.


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