Cosmic Memory

It is time to take God out of the closet.

It is time to take God out of the closet.

Beverly: “My soul journey began at Source. I remember coming from the All That Is as a projectile of light.

“I remember being spat out, pushed out like a projectile, and I was screaming through the universe as a spark of light, a little star. I clearly remember stars whizzing by, but there was no sensation of movement as we know it as humans.

“There was no density, no up or down, no left or right, no time, no sensations of colors, sound, or heat.

“You just were pure energy surrounded by comfort and ease. I haven’t a clue as to when that was.

“There was no time associated with that because there was no space. Space did not mean anything. You just were.”

Read Bev’s memories in Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth— her journey from Source and  how she planned her past lives in the heavenly worlds between those lives.

Cosmic Cradle,  Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth shares over 100 stories from people we interviewed such as Beverly as well as reports from 108 cultures describing the time before we came to Earth.

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Journey through the Stars, Awaiting a Body

Journey through the Stars, Awaiting a Body

Cosmic Memory and the Big Bang

Thakur Anukulchandra lived as an enlightened master in India teaching about the highest spiritual form of human life.

Enlightened individuals do not necessarily describe their memories of birth or their existence before this lifetime since they have all dissolved their egos and prefer to avoid discussing their private histories.

Therefore, we are grateful to Thakur for inspiring us with one of the most extensive accounts illustrating how much human memory may encompass. Thakur’s high state of enlightenment is an important consideration in the power of his memories. Few enlightened masters seem to share these memories, but more accounts may exist in the untranslated biographies of other masters.

Thakur Anukulchandra was a renowned Indian guru, physician, and founder of the Satsang ashram. Anukulchandra set up schools, charitable hospitals, engineering workshops, a publishing house, and a printing press. He was a prolific writer; noted among his ninety-four books are Satyanusaran, Punyapunthi, Anushruti, Chalar Sathi, Shashvati, and Pritibinayak.

Thakur was born in 1888 in the primitive village of Himayitpur where tigers, bears and poisonous snakes roamed freely in the streets even during the day. The village was situated on the bank of the river Padma, where crocodiles floated on the surface of water freely. As a young boy, Thakur used to swim in the River Padma along with the crocodiles. Very often he went deep to the bottom of River Padma to meditate for a long period and he never felt discomfort due to cessation of respiration. From early youth, Thakur frequently became absorbed in melodious songs to the Almighty.

At that time, his body temperature would rise above 110F. He had no pulse. In that stage of superconsciousness, Thakur felt as if he had been expanded to bear the whole Universe in Him. He felt responsible for all events happening in the Universe. He felt his existence among all living entities around him. In that stage of consciousness, a horse was beaten in front of him and the cane marks on the horse’s back appeared distinctly on the back of Thakur.

Thakur Anukulchandra recalls observing the entire process of creation, from the prime indivisible point to this widely evolved vast universe, the Creator and the created both:

“My journey to Earth involved traveling through a yet undiscovered system of celestial constellations. I traversed a vast distance in space, passing through 44,000 planets. While our planets rotate around the Sun, I observed that lakhs of suns rotate around a bigger sun.”

Next we share cross-cultural parallels to Thakur Anukulchandra’s memories. These parallels contain bits and pieces of his exhaustive memory.

  • Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836-1886), the great Bengali sage, shared his memories of how he chose his chief disciple prior to their births.

    I was reminded of how I had selected Vivekananda while I was deep in ecstatic meditation one day. My awareness rapidly ascended through every illumined level of being, plunging toward the Mother Essence, the dazzling darkness of the absolutely unmanifest, beyond any possible experience.

    My consciousness soared high and ascended a luminous path through the world of gross matter into the subtle world. I transcended the stellar universe, entered the subtler region of ideas, and witnessed the ideal forms of God.


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