Inter-life memories

Did Plato believe that the human body is a prison?

Did Plato believe that the human body is a prison?


Plato: Before our souls fell from the state of BEING into the mundane realm, we saw the universe and understood the laws of destiny.

Every soul “beheld true Being; this was the condition of her passing into the form of man.”

We witnessed beauty shining in all its brilliance—the beatific spectacle and (divine) vision.

Our souls were initiated into the holiest of mysteries and enjoyed mystic ecstasy. We were still pure, “in the state of wholeness and unconscious of the evils that awaited us in the future.”

We were not yet “imprisoned in the body,” bound to it “like an oyster in his shell.


Children with Life-Between-Life Memories

When I was born, I was flying up in the sky, looking for my mother....

Many children in Japan are born with pre-birth memories supporting our findings presented in our books, Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth and Babies Are Cosmic, Signs of Their Secret Intelligence.

The Journal of Scientific Exploration published a Japanese research study entitled “Children with Life-between-Life Memories.”

A 6-year-old Japanese boy recalls: “I was flying in the sky, looking for my mother. Looking down. I could see my mother and chose her. I thought she was the best person. She looked lonely, and I thought, ‘If I come to her, she will not feel lonely anymore.’”

A 9-year old Japanese girl describes the place where she was before she came to her mother: “There were many children, or souls, and a god, an entity with authority.”

“Is he like a school teacher?”

She replied: “No, no, no! He is much more generous, He was looking after us, like a counselor.”


“Before I was born, I was up in Space with Grandma Evelyn.”

grandma in space

Aimee relates: “When my son Casper was about 3, he matter-of-factly told me: ‘Before I came here, I was up in Space, where Evelyn lives. Evelyn, you know her, Mama, and we know you.’

When he spoke my grandmother Evelyn’s name, I gasped. It gave me goose bumps. With tears in my eyes, I scribbled it all down, furiously writing as my son spoke. He said that he chose me and asked Grandmother Evelyn a couple of times if he could go to Earth. She kept saying, ‘It isn’t the right time yet.’ My grandmother passed in 1992—17 years before his birth.


Is Pre-Birth Memory a Taboo Topic in Religion?

remembering heaven




“We don’t talk about that…”

Why is pre-birth memory still a taboo topic today?

Did you know that pre-birth experience was first labeled a taboo topic by the Christian Church more than 1500 years ago?

Scholars teaching pre-mortal existence were viewed as heretics!

That is just one reason people may be reluctant to share these gifted memories:

“When I tried to tell my parents about remembering being born, they told me that I was making it up and that I was crazy.

“It is such a relief to discover that other people have pre-birth memories and to read almost “word for word” my womb experience and birthing experience which validates my memory recall and also validates that I AM NOT CRAZY!!


Can Miscarried or Aborted Babies Come Back?

miscarriage abortion babies souls

Four-year-old Dorothy said, “Last time when I was 4 inches long and in your tummy, Daddy wasn’t ready to marry you yet, so I went away.

But then, I came back.”

Can a miscarried soul reincarnate?

Could little Dorothy possibly be remembering a real situation that occurred before birth?

Pre-birth research goes beyond-the-five-normal-senses to discover an answer to this question. Spiritual experiences reveal the “behind-the-scenes” activities related to the mundane and seemingly unrelated experiences of our lives. We need to look into the world of the soul.

One source to consider is the memories of children who are much too young to have been privy to their mother’s previous miscarriage or abortion:


Do you remember being born?

remember being born“Sophie, my three-year-old is a very bright girl, and always has been. She acts and talks like she’s 30, and has since she was about 18 months old.

“One day she said, “Mommy, I am so glad I picked you to be my mommy, and daddy to be my daddy!”

“I asked her what she meant.

“She said she used to watch us before she was born and picked us to be her parents.

“She also knew her younger sister (our 18-month-old daughter) before she was born and chose her as her sister. She said her younger sister picked us to be her parents as well.

“I was a bit taken a back when she shared her pre-birth memories, but her tone was what caught me.

“She was so very matter-of-fact and nonchalant about it that I never even second-guessed her.


Sojourns of a Winnebago Shaman

A Native American Shaman relates the tale of three of his past lifetimes..The memories of Thunder-Cloud, a well-known Winnebago shaman, go back to his first human lifetime. He shared his past life and inter-life memories with Canadian ethnologist Paul Radin in 1908.

Thunder-Cloud considered himself a spiritual being having human experiences.

His brother-in-law, Crashing Thunder, describes him as a virtuous man, disliking no one, never stealing and never fighting, and he adhered strictly to all the precepts of the Medicine Rite.

I came from above, and I am holy. It is I, Thunder-Cloud, who speak, I who am now on earth for the third time, I who am now repeating experiences that I well remember from my previous existences.

First Lifetime on Earth

Many years before my present life, I lived on Earth in a party that numbered about twenty camps. Everyone seemed to be on the warpath. As a young lad, an enemy war party attacked my tribe. Innocent lives were lost. Due to my sudden death, I thought I still had a physical body. I even returned home to my wife.




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