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Maternal Thoughts & Emotions during Pregnancy

Do a mother's thoughts and feelings during pregnancy affect the personality of her child later in life? Cross-cultural perspectives weigh in...

Does a pregnant mother record emotions — positive and negative — on her unborn child?

Spiritual teachings recognize that the time before birth is crucial for the unborn child. Thus they advise that a pregnant mother watch her thoughts, emotions, food, behavior, and lifestyle for the sake of her unborn child.

Unborn Babies Listen to a Mother’s Thoughts: Cross-Cultural Reports:


“What if I’m sad about being pregnant?”

"I experienced Divine Love like an explosion!"

Barbara gives us a taste of her pre­-birth transformation during pregnancy:

“With my third baby I felt sad and cried when I realized that I was pregnant. In fact that same week I was looking into a getting a tubal ligation because I did not want to be pregnant again.

“I was sad during pregnancy because I knew my baby felt my disappointment and sadness.


“I was an angel before I was a baby.”

"I was an angel before I was a baby." - Cosmic Cradle prebirthJamie’s pre-birth memories are an example of validating the conscious awareness of babies in the womb.

Mara: “My son is six years old and he is always talking about things I actually did when I was pregnant and before his conception.I don’t know what to make out of it.

“Jamie is usually very quiet and then without any warning, he will start talking about it. And in the same way, he will stop talking about it without warning. He consistently tells me the same things over and over without changing the story.

“I stay quiet not knowing how he knows these things.

“Jamie told me he used to hear me crying when he was inside my tummy.  He gets upset when he talks about being in my womb and the different events going on outside.

“I had numerous traumatic events happen before and during the pregnancy, and after his birth.

“My pregnancy was high risk due to all the emotional roller coasters that I was going through.

“Sometimes the words that come out of him are not of a little kid but of an older man…


Can you tell when your baby’s soul enters the womb?

unborn memoriesCan pregnant mothers be so “in-tune” with their bodies that they know the moment their baby is ensouled in the womb?

Can they receive clear guidance from the incoming child throughout pregnancy via dreams, visions, and non-linear conversations?

Here is an excerpt of our Cosmic Cradle interview with a mother who knew her three children before they were born.

She noticed how they acted exactly the way they felt to her while they were in her womb:

G.B.: “Did I experience when the soul come in? Absolutely, absolutely.

With my first baby, I was in pretty dire straits. I was not very happy and abusing substances and moved into a spiritual community in Tucson right when according to the Sikh scriptures the soul enters the body– 120 days–which is usually the time when a woman starts feeling movement.

I moved in within a week of that time. I felt it was my daughter’s soul that brought me there, that took me to a safe refuge.

“With my second baby, my husband and I came home one night after dinner, and I could feel someone else’s presence in the house. I knew someone was there. I could sense it.


Do you remember being born?

remember being born“Sophie, my three-year-old is a very bright girl, and always has been. She acts and talks like she’s 30, and has since she was about 18 months old.

“One day she said, “Mommy, I am so glad I picked you to be my mommy, and daddy to be my daddy!”

“I asked her what she meant.

“She said she used to watch us before she was born and picked us to be her parents.

“She also knew her younger sister (our 18-month-old daughter) before she was born and chose her as her sister. She said her younger sister picked us to be her parents as well.

“I was a bit taken a back when she shared her pre-birth memories, but her tone was what caught me.

“She was so very matter-of-fact and nonchalant about it that I never even second-guessed her.


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