Pre-Birth Revelations Help Prepare Us for Parenthood

"I woke with a start on Sunday at exactly 4 am with a message from a booming voice:  'You will have more children.''"

Pre-birth revelations prepared Aimee for the births of her four children. Here she shares one of her mystical experiences:

“I’m sure you get stories all the time, but the story with our youngest is a good one and I love to share it.

“I was being trained in a hands-off energy work over the course of a weekend and woke with a start on Sunday at exactly 4 am with a message from a booming voice:

“You will have more children.”


The Tao of Conception

Given the chance, would ancient Taoists judge the way some modern couples conceive a child?T

Would they say that there is no right way or wrong way to conceive a child because any activity is legitimate and to be learned from?

Or would Taoists say we always have a choice, i.e., that there is a purposeful way to conceive a child: a way that creates a strong, healthy culture and society rather than a society filled with guilt, anger, fear, disease, dissipation, and hardship.

Taoist conception guidelines are based on thousands of years of experience. Taoists took the responsibility of conception of a child very seriously based upon their belief that the family is the backbone of society. A strong family unit is the basis of a strong culture and society. No family is strong if the individuals are weak.

In Taoist philosophy, ‘making love’ is a bonding between two people that reflects the bonding between human and Divine, and is undertaken in that light. Children are never a mistake.

Taoism gives responsibility to parents to ensure that future generations are strong and healthy. Taoists recognize the importance of creating a balanced energy field in the prospective parents as a home for the child’s incoming spirit.

Conceiving a child requires thought and consideration.

Taoist guidelines for preparation of conception follow:


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